Why SEO Is More Important for Your Business Than Ever Before

For the vast majority of consumer purchases, the decision to buy is not immediate. Instead, it takes research, time and multiple encounters with a brand and its product or service before consumers pull the trigger. Where is all of this mainly happening? Online.

To break through the digital noise and stand out amongst the thousands of other online businesses, companies must build and maintain a consistent SEO strategy. SEO or search engine optimization not only increases the likelihood of your business getting found during a potential customer’s research phase but also ensures they encounter your business again and again over the course of time it takes them to make their final purchase decision.

At its most primitive level, SEO is accomplished by strategically permeating your website with keywords consumers are using to research products or services that solve their problems and links to quality content either internally (a link to another page of your website) or externally (a link to another site’s quality content) that centers around the solution customers are seeking.

Why spend the time on SEO?
It takes more than just one blog post to make a difference in your SEO, so why spend all the effort? The reality is that our digital landscape is oversaturated with businesses just like yours offering almost identical solutions that are competing to get the attention of a small pool of ideal customers. For companies that cannot compete monetarily against their competitors through large-scale marketing and advertising campaigns, SEO offers a less costly but effective way to go to combat. The cost is exceptionally low to implement SEO and the more you do it, the more its effectiveness compounds.

SEO also encourages consumers to seek out your business over and over. With content that answers their questions, they will return to your website to find the answers. Again, this increases the number of instances a single consumer interacts with your company and therein increases the likelihood that this customer will choose you over the competition when it comes time to buy.


Five tips for building strong SEO:

  1. Write blog posts frequently that answer the questions your customers have. Include industry keywords and geographic keywords to ensure your business is found by both highly qualified customers and local customers.
  2. Make sure your website is mobile optimized. SEO is like competing for a position in the finals; you want to be ranked 4th, 3rd, 2nd, or 1st! Google assesses your rank and will not give you a high rank if your website is not mobile-friendly. Accessibility matters greatly.
  3. Include internal links to other quality content on your site and external links to quality content elsewhere. You can take advantage of the SEO power other businesses have built by creating a connection between your business and theirs.
  4. Use headers. Headers with keywords make it easy for search engines like Google to identify you as a high-quality search result and give you a high rank.
  5. Short and sweet should be avoided. Pages that are long and full of content get more views and rank higher than pages with 1000 words or less. This is because the longer text ensures you are able to touch on everything your ideal customers would want to know about and longer content leads to longer time on site. Search engines also look for time spent on-site as a quality indicator. The longer visitors are staying on your site, the better your ranking and discoverability will be.

Keep in mind that a strong SEO strategy is a long game. It takes time for your ranking to go up, your discoverability to get better and for consumers to view you as a trusted resource. Set expectations that your hard work will pay off months from now. All of this takes time, but in the long run, if you are consistent with your strategy and are frequently posting fresh, high-quality content, your customer acquisition will increase and your business reach will expand well beyond your local market.


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