Top Digital Marketing Services You Need to Grow Your Business

Whether you are just starting your business or are looking to expand upon your current digital marketing services, there are key services you should consider if your goal is growth.

Below are our top 5 digital marketing services we recommend you add to your current marketing strategy to elevate your marketing and achieve growth.

1. CRM
CRM software houses all of your customer’s data, from personal information to products purchased. Using a CRM gives your company deeper insights into your customer base. You can segment customers based on interests, purchases, sex, location, age, and more. Beyond this capability, CRM offers you the ability to elevate your customer experience, increase retention, improve efficiency amongst your sales and marketing teams, improve communication between departments and with potential and past customers, and decrease costs long-term. Read our previous blog, How to Best Utilize Your CRM, to learn more about CRMs and how to leverage them.

2. Email Marketing Provider
Email marketing is not dead. On the contrary, it’s flourishing. As of 2020, there are 3.9 billion daily email users and this number is expected to increase to 4.3 billion by 2023. (Statista, 2020). That gives your team access to a vast population. Of the companies that implement email marketing, businesses that use segmented campaigns have experienced as much as a 760% increase in revenue. (Campaign Monitor, 2019). Email marketing continues to climb as more of our population creates new email accounts or opens up multiple. Email marketing gives you direct access to customers in a personalized manner. With the hyper-targeting segmentation abilities of email marketing software, you can send highly personalized and relevant marketing messages to your growing customer base to keep them coming back again and again.

3. Marketing Fulfilment and Distribution Partner
Marketing materials are a MUST-HAVE for any sized business. They are perfect for pitching, explaining, or informing potential customers about your business and its services or products. For large and small corporations, marketing material creation, organization, storage, fulfillment, and distribution has grown to involve a multitude of staff from various departments, all requiring strong lines of communication and the coordination of already strained schedules. Outsourcing your fulfillment management eliminates the manual processes that are slowing your team down. Using an online storefront to manage your marketing collateral fulfillment grants your business the flexibility to share assets across multiple locations, update designs instantly and coordinate the arrival of various pieces and quantities with ease. Plus, depending on the partner you choose, your materials can be stored at their fulfillment center, freeing up space and management of assets for you and your team.

4. Social Media
In our digital age, more businesses are found online than through most other mediums. The majority of online places consumers are frequenting daily are social media platforms. Regardless of whether you intend to run social media advertising (which we think you should; see number five), your business should have an online social presence. Have a business Facebook page or linked-in profile or Instagram account improves your chances of discovery. Social media is a more personal digital space. It’s an online meeting place where consumers expect to connect with brands that they love and brands they’ve just discovered. Cultivate a business account on social media to increased your brand’s discoverability and opportunity for brand loyalty from followers.

5. Digital Advertising
Advertising is only effective when it reaches your audiences where they frequently visit. As our world goes digital, so should your advertising. The targeting capabilities of digital advertising are exceptional. Digital advertising allows you to target customers by general demographics, interests, and geographics; this offers you real-time access to your ideal customers based on their online history. More and more customers are shopping and researching products and services online, so it is paramount your business is advertising to your ideal customers in these digital places. Consumers are actively looking to buy or make purchase decisions while online. Presenting them with a digital ad for what your business offers in these moments can entice them to investigate your offerings and consider your business when making their final purchase decision.

5. Ad Retargeting
Lastly, we expand upon digital advertising by elevating your strategy to include ad retargeting. Ad retargeting allows your business to show new ads to consumers who interacted with your ads or your website in the past. Retargeting is perfect for consumers who are not yet ready to make a purchase decision and could be further influenced to choose your business over your competitor. Retargeting move your sales messaging forward. Rather than showing consumers the same ad over and over, retargeting gives your business the ability to refresh your message, ad design, and call to action to capture their attention again and encourage them to take action.

All of these digital marketing services offer you the ability to elevate your marketing strategies to achieve significant business growth. Set a goal for your business this year to add at least one of these five to your marketing portfolio.

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