Embroidered Logos

Did you know that by adding embroidered logos you are able to make a sophisticated and bold statement about your brand and image?

As an alternate to screen-print, embroidered logos on employee apparel communicates brand identity along with professionalism.

Embroidered backpack, hat and book cover

It shows that you care about your appearance and con

sequently care about your customers.  Embroidered logos on polo style shirts for employees show uniformity and serves as advertisement while maintaining quality expert appearance.

If you would like to take your embroidered logo one step further and get a little more creative to “make it pop” you might want to consider the option of combining both screen print and embroidered logos. This method looks great not only as an accent on shirts, but it also looks great on bags and head wear, especially if you want to stand out by using texturing or a metallic finishing option.