How Well Does Your Sales And Marketing Team Work Together?

No two departments butt-heads more than sales and marketing, yet, no two departments are more responsible for the success of their company. And so we have our problem. We want the company to succeed and have good ROI, but the two players that can achieve that for us often work against each other, rather than in unison.

There are a few warning signs that your teams aren’t properly aligned.

One is that there is a constant modification of marketing assets. Do your marketing team members complain that the sales team is constantly asking them to edit collateral to meet their specific needs? Does this in turn slow down the efforts of your marketing team?

It’s easy for a few team members to collaborate together, but as each team grows it becomes harder and harder to keep everyone on the same page. This breakdown is often the cause of sales requesting modifications to the marketing assets. This can happen when the sales team is working on a large campaign, which may not be communicated to your marketing team. In turn, your marketers become frustrated and bogged down with the many requests made by the sales team to alter marketing collateral, while the sales team becomes frustrated that the collateral they need to convert their leads isn’t ready on time.

One solution is for the marketing team to set modification limits on collateral. This will let the sales team know what information can be changed to meet their needs for each marketing asset. Doing this will prevent your marketing team from committing to too much work and your sales team will receive the collateral they need in a timely manner.

Another warning sign is that your teams think they are working to achieve their own goals, rather than one shared goal.

When this occurs, the teams place a priority on their own needs over the other team’s. This can lead to disorder, slow progress, and missed opportunities. Communication is key. One way to forgo this issue is to set up weekly meetings between sales and marketing. That way everyone remains on the same page and knows what will be expected of them. If your teams are having a hard time meeting in person, consider a weekly email update of what needs to be accomplished from both teams. The email chain will also become something that members can reference during the week to stay on track.

Now that your teams are in communication with each other, it will be easier to track the metrics of your marketing collateral. Team members will be able to tell each other which marketing assets are getting good results and which are not. It’s all about figuring out what works and modifying your strategy to accordingly. Otherwise, your company will be blindly sending out collateral with little way of knowing if it’s making an impact.

Once these changes are implemented, you’ll find that the entire system becomes more streamlined. With your marketing and sales teams working together towards one goal, instead of separately on what they believe the goal should be, you’ll see an increase in productivity, overall growth and be well on your way to achieving an organized marketing asset management system.