Embroidered Promo Items: A Tool for Marketing Success

A collage of patches fills a white board.


An often-overlooked form of promotional product marketing, and an overlooked promotional item, is embroidery or embroidered items. The main purpose of embroidered items is to increase brand awareness through effective and affordable promotional marketing methods. 


The good news? You can embroider pretty much anything! Whatever works for your business and your brand image can be used as a promotional item. There are even more reasons to use embroidered items in your marketing strategy. Read on to learn more about the benefits that can come from embroidery!


Increase Brand Recognition & Brand Awareness

The #1 benefit of using embroidered promotional items is brand recognition and brand awareness. It’s essentially free marketing for you and your business. Not only will you reach the person who purchases it or wears it, but you reach everyone with who they interact that day. This can create increased brand awareness outside of your shoppers, while only effectively paying to produce the one item. 


You can also play with marketing messages via the colors you choose to include. Velocity Print can streamline this process even more, with our one-stop-shop and distribution channels. 


Unite Employees 

Many businesses use embroidered shirts or polos to unify their workforce. Having a shared logo across the company can elevate the brand image, while also aligning the brand and mission among your employees. It creates a team, a sense of pride for where they work. Even more so, it endorses your business. Embroidered shirts or polos often impart a sense of officialness, especially when worn by your team members. 


Embroidered backpack, hat and book cover


Durable Marketing Method

Embroidered items are extremely durable! They can last up to several years. After all, the average branded shirt is kept for up to five years! With Velocity, your embroidered promotional product could withstand years of use and washes. The embroidered logo will still have colors as bright as the day it was made, with the thread as strong as ever. 

The Message of Quality & Excellence 

People associate embroidery with “higher quality”, which can help elevate brand images to new heights. When you embroider quality products with your logo, you associate your brand with high quality. It gives you a sense of status, showing that your customers and employees are proud to display your logo.


Ultimately, embroidered promotional products increase your brand awareness and recognition, all at a low cost. It can help you reach new audiences, grow to new standards, and impart a message of excellence around your brand. Consider utilizing embroidered polos, shirts, backpacks, hats, and more today!


Here at Velocity, we are happy to help you proudly display your logo. With over 800,000 products to choose from, we’ll find the perfect promotional product for your business. Call us today to get started!