Best Virtual Event Swag & Giveaway Ideas

Virtual swag bag

The swag bag is arguably one of the best benefits for trade show attendees, meetings, or professional events.  We all have experienced swag bags filled with some not-so-memorable or coveted items and those containing brand-named items such as Yeti, Coach, and Apple. But how do you make a statement when your event is virtual? Easy. Meet the virtual swag bag! PS SWAG stands for “stuff we all get”!

What is a virtual swag bag?

With the loss of connection that can come with a virtual event, there’s a need for tangible goods. A virtual swag bag is a package that arrives before an event, allowing all participants to have an item to wear or use during the event. This swag bag can contain personal notes as well as a business card prompting them to follow you on social media as well as a QR code that links what will be discussed during the event. Think of a virtual swag bag as a welcoming gift, the same you would get if you were attending in person, but delivered right to your participant’s doorstep.

Benefits of swag giveaways for virtual events

Virtual events deliver significant savings on travel, hotels, meals, and entertainment for your team to attend. Take advantage of these savings by purchasing a higher-end, targeted swag item for the event. Yes, there are shipping costs, but the total expenditure will likely remain less than the cost of attending.

Sending swag items ahead of the virtual conference can engage the attendees to see your name and offerings and drive visits to your social media and website pages.

Virtual event swag ideas

Promotional products help prime your attendees for what’s to come. Whether it’s a one-on-one meeting with a client, a webinar to 50+ people, or a conference with hundreds of attendees, creating a fun and engaging virtual experience before the event ensures your client has bought into the experience in advance. Here are some memorable ideas that provide value and increase engagement.

Self-Care Swag

Good Vibes Care Kit

Self-care is a hot topic right now as employees sit at home, hunched over a desk.  How about these great items:

Office Essentials Swag

Decision maker product

Let’s be honest.  A pen is a pen, but you can upgrade their desk accessories with something they will keep and use…and remember you!

Travel Swag

Waterproof bag

Business travel may not be as common as it once was, but giving a great gift can be used for business and personal travel.

Apparel Swag

Green Pullover

Apparel can be very personal, so think big picture and non-gender specific.

After the virtual event, now what?

Following your meet-up, you can opt to additionally send a few promotional items that make your attendees feel good about joining you and remind them to stay in touch. A thank you note or card goes a long way to add a personal touch. Sending this along with pens, a notebook, and a gift card to a local cafe is a perfect bundle. The key to this strategy is your delivery timeline. Having the items delivered a few days to a week after the event is ideal, giving your clients time to think over the details without risking them losing interest and moving on to other matters.

Final thoughts on the right items for your swag bag

Sending thoughtful and purposeful swag ahead of your next virtual event will engage your audience. More is not always better. Targeted and purposeful spending can highlight your intended actions. Know your audience and the ideas will come to you:

  • Expect to spend more on swag items for virtual events.  Factor in the savings from a physical venue and catering costs.
  • Ask questions during the registration experience to help get a sense of what interests the attendees and any potential allergies.
  • Allow for ample lead time to order swag and send to attendees in time for the event.  The last thing you want is to have your swag arrive late.

At Velocity, we live and breathe swag and print. We are happy to guide you through the many options for custom promotional products and branded merchandise. Get in touch with us or give us a call at 888-372-3487.

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