What Is Every Door Direct Mail?

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a cost-effective marketing solution the USPS offers. This service allows companies to reach every city, neighborhood, or zip code address without needing the recipients’ names or addresses. This ensures your mailing, offering, or promotional material lands directly in the hands of potential customers.

What Is Direct Mail?

Direct mail is physical correspondence sent to customers and prospects, designed to encourage them to take action. By sending advertising mail, such as pre-approved credit card applications or nonprofit fundraising letters, directly to potential consumers based on demographic information, businesses can make customers more likely to take a desired action.

Direct mail can be creative and highly customizable. If you send customers an item in the mail that includes an encouraged action—such as signing up for something online, or bringing the mail into your store—-it makes the customer more likely to hold onto the mail and read it. Additionally, you can customize individual direct mailings based on your customer segments with variable printing. For example, you can insert a personal touch, like the customer’s name or handwritten text. Direct mail allows you to explore endless options for combining digital and analog advertising to expand your target audience and attract new customers.

While direct mail is often dismissed as junk mail, it remains a significant and effective marketing strategy for small businesses targeting older generations.

What Is Every Door Direct Mail?

On the other hand, Every Door Direct Mail, or EDDM, exclusively targets customers in specific neighborhoods or zip codes. The US Postal Service developed this process to allow businesses to reach customers in a particular area without purchasing or building a mailing list. EDDM can change a recipient’s “junk mail mindset” when the mailing and coupon are from a local favorite pizza shop or store.

According to the Data & Marketing Association (1), the average response rate for a direct mail marketing campaign is 9%—a higher rate than digital equivalents. A survey from USPS (2020) shows that 54% of those surveyed tried a new product or business within six months of receiving a piece of mail.

What Are the Benefits of Every Door Direct Mail?

EDDM is a USPS program offering a discounted postage rate for flats weighing no more than 3.3 oz. The program ensures these mailings are delivered to every mailbox within specific geographic areas. Small businesses frequently use EDDM to reach all addresses within particular ZIP codes or specific postal routes within a ZIP code. EDDM features an online mapping tool that lets you choose your own direct mail delivery area and map the audience by age, income, or household size using U.S. census data. For example, a local business could target households within a five-mile radius who are likely to have children based on the area’s demographics. The advantages include:

  • Users do not need to have or manage mailing lists,
  • There is no requirement for permits or address specifications, and
  • The method costs only a portion of what standard bulk mail costs.

According to the EDDM user guide (2), retail users can ship a minimum of 200—and up to 5,000—mail pieces in a given ZIP code in a day.

One advantage that direct mail has over other channels is its physical presence. It must be handled. Use this to your advantage and make the first interaction count: primarily, use a designer to make your mailing look professional. If possible, print the postcard in full color and consider using high-quality paper to take advantage of the tactile advantage of mail.

Examples of EDDM Mailings

Businesses can leverage Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) to effectively target a local audience by distributing mailers within their immediate community. Often, we discard promotional materials and coupons from distant businesses as irrelevant. However, receiving a coupon from a dry cleaner just around the corner in your local strip mall might encourage you to try their services over another located farther away.

Some examples of businesses that strategically use EDDM are:

  • Real Estate Companies
  • Restaurants
  • Gyms
  • Hair and Nail Salons
  • Dry Cleaner
  • Car Dealers
  • Political Campaigning
  • Lawyers and Accountants

According to the USPS, 54% of people surveyed tried a new product or business in a six-month period in 2020 because they received mail relevant to the product or business (3). You can use Every Door Direct Mail Service to drive traffic to your business website, where visitors can view other products and services offered, acquire new customers, and, perhaps, citing an excellent review, start to create brand loyalty.

How Does Every Door Direct Mail Work?

EDDM is an affordable and easy way to ‘communicate’ with businesses and households in a specific target area. Some things to consider when creating your EDDM project:

  1. What is your “why”? Are you driving people to your website, sending a coupon for a new service, or perhaps promoting an event?
  2. Where is your target market for this project? Check out the USPS Online Tool to search for neighborhoods where your customers live.
  3.  Do you have a design in mind for the mailing? No worries—the team at Velocity can design your mailing and print it for you! We know the USPS specifications for size and design, and the piece will be created within specs.

Formats for EDDM include:

  • Postcards: Perfect for concise, attention-grabbing messages
  • Letters: Ideal for personal and detailed communication
  • Brochure/Self-mailers: Great for presenting various products or services.
  • Catalogs: Effective for showcasing extensive product offerings

Create Your EDDM Campaign Today

EDDM services at Velocity Print make the process simple and streamlined. With one point of contact, creating a campaign is easy and allows you to shift your focus as you look to increase awareness and business in surrounding areas and new markets. Every door direct mail (EDDM) offers targeted mailing at significant cost savings with the most affordable postage rates.

Contact us to get started and meet with an EDDM specialist to create the perfect and targeted mailing for your business.


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