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The financial industry contains many opportunities for businesses to enhance their brand awareness, increase customer satisfaction, improve brand recognition and enhance customer experiences through the use of selectively curated financial promotional products.

Client Retention: An Obstacle to Promotional Products Overcome

Because of the highly competitive nature of the financial industry, the most significant hurdle institutions face is client retention. There are so many options available for clients to select from that keeping them becomes one of the biggest struggles. To ensure customers are interested in conducting business with you and continue to do so, it is imperative they have a quality experience from their first interaction and throughout their relationship.

We’ve separated the customer relationship into three main events to help your institution select promotional products to pair with each stage that build trust, establish credibility and solidify loyalty.

Acquisition of a New Customer

When potential clients come to your business for financial needs, they are looking for a company they can trust with professional and experienced employees. Professionalism can be expressed to them with branded materials used to share information with potential new clients. Items like branded letterheads, business cards, pens, pamphlets, folders & document holders all show unity and brand alignment across the materials potential clients need to educate themselves and conduct business with you.

Welcome a New Client to Your Organization

Once you’ve acquired a new client, it’s beneficial to welcome them to your organization to continue building and maintaining trust. This can be especially worthwhile now that some business must be conducted remotely. New clients feel like they will be taken care of and that their needs matter when they receive personalized financial promo products such as a welcome kit in the mail or in-person. Items that stand out are branded letter openers, pens, checkbook covers, bank deposit bags, sticky notes and children’s piggy banks.

Stay Connected to Long-Term Clients

Your business will need to focus on showing and providing value and upholding trust and expertise over time for long-term clients. Consider sending these clients yearly calendars, inviting them to events your company holds or participates in, paper pads, money clips, lanyards, mugs, and power banks. You can also still periodically offer them the branded promotional items they received during the first two stages of their relationship with your institution.

Providing promotional products for your financial institution at critical stages of a customer’s relationship will keep your business top of mind and ensure that your customers feel your business is consistently working to meet their needs.

Velocity Print is your Partner for Financial Promotional Products

We have a proven track record of helping financial institutions such as Visions Federal Credit Union, manage their promotional products. With tools such as an online storefront we make fulfillment and distribution easy. 

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