Direct Mail Marketing for Financial Advisors: Top Tips In 2024

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Direct mail marketing for financial advisors is frequently underestimated. The ability to provide personalized engagement with potential clients in a targeted and cost-effective manner makes it one of the most effective marketing methods. With best-in-class open rates, direct mail does not only belong in the digital era, but adopting it is a must for every business.

Unique Issues Financial Advisors Face & How Direct Mail Can Help

Financial advisors looking to grow their client base using direct mail are faced with these common objections:

  1. I already have a financial advisor.
  2. I don’t have a lot of money to invest.
  3. I am concerned about paying management fees for my investment portfolio
  4. And…I do not know you!

According to the National Association of Plan Advisors, nearly three-quarters (71%) of Americans say some aspect of talking to a financial advisor scares them, according to an online survey of more than 2,000 U.S. adults conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of independent financial planning firm McAdam.

Millennials tend to be more wary of financial advisors compared with those 45 and older: 82% of those aged 18 to 34 said they were scared about some aspect of talking with a financial advisor. However, nearly two-thirds (63%) of those 45 and older said they were scared about some aspect of talking to a financial advisor.

Among their fears, adults identified cost as the top concern, with nearly half (49%) saying that they were scared that talking to a financial advisor would “end up costing me a lot of money.”

Even those with higher incomes are concerned about the cost of meeting with a financial advisor: 44% of those with household incomes of $100,000 or more said they are concerned that talking to a financial advisor will cost a lot of money.

Overall, 38% of the respondents said they fear a financial advisor will give them bad news.

Employing direct mail as a communication strategy allows recipients to engage with a tangible item rather than navigating through a cluttered email inbox or, even more discouraging, sifting through the spam folder. A direct mail piece captures the recipient’s attention and provides a prime opportunity to convey your message and demonstrate how you can assist them.

Why Direct Mail Marketing is Effective for Financial Services & Advisors?

According to, Snail mail might seem outdated, but some distinct advantages are associated with launching direct mail campaigns as an advisor. Here are three common benefits to keep in mind:

  • Direct mail can be highly personalized. Sending direct mail allows you to tailor your message to selected groups, which can create a better user experience for the recipients. Personalized messages that speak to specific needs can help spark client engagement and potentially increase response rates, which, in turn, may lead to more conversions.
  • Open rates may be higher. It’s all too easy for an email to be trashed without ever being opened, especially if the recipient is used to having their inbox bombarded with messages. They may, however, be more inclined to open a physical piece of mail out of curiosity about what’s inside.
  • Increases brand visibility. Branding is essential to any marketing strategy as it helps make your business instantly recognizable. Direct mail can be an additional piece of your branding puzzle and act as a complement to online campaigns if you’re able to tie them together

Here’s another advantage of direct mail marketing to consider: There may be less competition. Building out a digital footprint is practically a requirement for financial firms these days, but that may come at the expense of letting direct mail communications fall by the wayside. Incorporating postal mail into your marketing plans may increase your odds of grabbing a prospect’s attention.

Types of Direct Mail Marketing for Financial Advisors

Direct mail marketing enables advisors or agencies to present their image and directly address the key concerns highlighted in this article. Customizing your message to fit specific demographics and possibly integrating a testimonial from a particular segment, such as baby boomers or millennials, can significantly enhance its impact. Unique data-driven marketing pieces have proven to increase response rates with personalized content for better use of marketing dollars.

Given the serious nature of financial investment, it’s advisable to avoid humorous or catchy slogans. Instead, focus on articulating the unique qualities of you and your firm. Some options include:


Postcards are inexpensive to create brand awareness, introduce yourself to your community, and establish a communication campaign targeting specific demographics. Variable print services ensure your postcard is explicitly directed to the contact, not just to “the household.”


Flyers can support a direct mail marketing campaign by using the flyer to expand your postcard offering and engage the reader deeper into your firm and investment philosophies.


They can be intimidating just because of the amount of content within them. Brochures can be a valuable part of the process, perhaps held until contact has been made and utilized as a tool during the ‘appointment’ or initial meeting. The brochure can serve as the final piece of your direct marketing campaign.

Velocity offers high-quality color or black and white, short runs, personalized printing, and variable content with a quick turnaround. You have ultimate control over your projects and budgets with various printing capabilities with Velocity.

Learn more about direct mail marketing for your business.

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