What is a Marketing Portal? How They Make Asset Management Easy

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With a marketing portal at your team’s beckon call, gone are the days of emailing designs back and forth or sending pictures of products to your producer to remind them of the exact item you want to order more. Gone are the days when you had to order so much in bulk and have the space to store it, so you always have your product or materials on hand the moment you need them. Gone are the days of combing through box after box in “the store room” looking for the one collection of mugs you know you have and need to bring with you on your next trip.

Having an online marketing portal allows you to forget all of that and focus on what matters, getting leads!

What is a Marketing Portal?

A marketing portal is an online storefront solution that houses all of your unique marketing materials. With access 24/7, it allows you to manage your marketing collateral, granting your business the flexibility to share assets across multiple locations; update designs instantly and coordinate the arrival of various pieces and quantities with ease; and allows you to order, create and replenish materials or branded products at any time with immediate turnaround.

Here’s What a Velocity Marketing Portal Does:

  • A self-service secure web portal available 24/7.
  • Order corporate branded material for sales meetings or corporate events without calling the marketing department!
  • No More dealing with trade show equipment storage and retrieval.
  • Budget controlled and ordering has to be approved, by your admin
  • Gain intelligence on usage flows, cost and distribution history.
  • Easy integration of co-op programs.
  • User interfaces are available in 11 global languages.
  • Monthly combined billing to reduce invoice approvals
  • Track inventory in real time

How does a Marketing Portal Make Asset Management Easy?

With an online storefront, distributed marketing is seamless as all your marketing materials are organized and displayed under one portal. Employees can log into the storefront, choose the items they need, select a pre-programmed shipping address, and order in just a few minutes.

A marketing portal quality checks and monitors inventory, so you don’t have to. Certain items can be programmed to reorder automatically when they reach the minimums that you pre-set to ensure they are always available at the needed quantity. Depending on the vendor, all materials are stored and handled at the vendor’s warehouse, which removes your requirement to maintain storage space on site and cuts out the need for your employees to hunt for materials when needed. They’ll also never come up short on the quantity they need.

Know Your Exact Inventory, Anytime, Anywhere

Know where your inventory is and when it’s arriving in real time. Within the portal, you can view and track your orders as they make their way to their delivery address. You’ll always know when to expect your shipment.

Keep Your Budget in Check

Ever end up with a surplus or a blown budget? You should look for a portal that allows administrative users to set permissions for employees who have access to the marketing storefront. These permissions can control who can order products and cap budgets so departments or locations never overspend or over-order.

The biggest benefit of moving to an online storefront is data. A good marketing portal collects purchases, inventory levels, and location spending information. An excellent online system should enable you to build bespoke reports to gain insights into demand, item popularity, and spending by location to determine budget and what materials to fulfill for upcoming quarters.

Start Saving Money Today

With exact control over inventory, uniform marketing materials and efficient processes, your employees will be empowered. Simply, marketing asset management software will save you money and time.

Ready to get started? Learn about Velocity Print’s Custom Promotion Storefront Solutions or  request a project estimate.

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