Discover Data with Online Storefront Reports

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There are many names associated with online solutions or storefronts. At Velocity we call our platform Corporate Solutions because it covers so much more than a simple order site. I will publish a series of posts to cover some of the options that should be considered for any storefront to get the ultimate control.

A storefront or online order site needs to be built with a beginning, a middle, and an end. The beginning is the login process, the middle is the products and how they will be ordered, and the end is perhaps the most important and also most underutilized part of most sites. The end is the gold, the reports that the site can generate.


The goal is to provide useful intelligence that can strengthen your site. We give you access to the reports, but we also provide our own analysis of the statistics. It is from this intelligence that you will discover average inventory turn-time, best order practices, reports of user activity and much more that will give you full control of the process and also let you maximize your budget.

As a site matures, the statistics provide important information on trends, reorder points, peak times, top users and hot items. The analytics can often tie your marketing materials directly to your top sellers and also make sure that the latest materials are available in the field.