Manage Promotional Products with An Online Storefront

There are many names associated with online solutions or storefronts

Allowing products to be ordered is only a small piece of the puzzle, controlling the entire process and gathering intelligence that can be used for better control over your marketing assets is powerful and can lead to major savings both in purchasing as well as time.

The products are easy, right? You add all your marketing materials and voila, let the ordering begin. Not really, the options for the products can be much more in-depth.

First you must start with making the products easy to browse. If you have many different products, you need to make it easy for everyone to find the items they need. This is accomplished in multiple ways:

  1. Categories – maybe you have a category for printed items, promotional products and signage. The categories can provide a quick jump to the items you are looking for.
  2. Item #’s – If each product has a unique item identifier this can be searchable within the storefront and also make sure the latest version is being used.
  3. Products can be a mix of printed items, hard goods and also e-files. This is useful when someone needs a quick file to email or just one for reference.
  4. Customized or versioned products can be added to a storefront and also provide a unique way to protect your branding and also give flexibility. With real-time proofing and on-demand printing customized products can be very cost effective.

The great thing with a good storefront is that if you begin by building a good framework you can easily add products and categories as needed. A good provider should spend lots of time asking questions about how you will be using your site and guide you through the options that are available.