Logging in to Your Online Storefront

There are many names associated with online solutions or storefronts

Allowing products to be ordered is only a small piece of the puzzle, controlling the entire process and gathering intelligence that can be used for better control over your marketing assets is powerful and can lead to major savings both in purchasing as well as time.

Login screen

At the beginning you always need a way of accessing the site. This can be done in multiple ways:

  • Open site – This is generally used for a retail site where everyone can visit the site and there are no login requirements. It is open for browsing and would not require any personal information until a purchase decision is made.
  • Self-Registration – This site requires new users to register for the site, prior to access being granted. Additional controls can be put in place to limit new users permissions and what products they are able to view.
  • Closed-Registration – Only those with permissions and a login and password can access the site. Each user can have specific permissions, including individual budgets, product access, shipping options and much more.
  • Pass-thru login – This is a great option for clients that already have a password protected portal. The pass-thru login can allow users to seamlessly go from logged into the client’s portal to the storefront solution. No need for an additional password to remember and the user can easily navigate between the portal and storefront from within the portal.

Obviously these only touch on the login options and the controls that can be built in are endless. Site admins have complete control over permissions and can also put in place approval levels to further monitor product usage.