Online Storefronts: Start Selling Custom Promo Products

There are many names associated with online corporate solutions or storefronts

The ability to create custom branded items whether it is print, promotional items or other products provides impactful marketing materials to your clients. The control over the level of customization is provided by the client and of course your brand is always protected. The user can then choose a variety of customization methods and images and logos can even be stored in a shared library for easy retrieval. The other nice piece is that all customized products show an instant virtual proof for the user’s approval prior to submitting any order.

These orders can also be sent through additional approval levels prior to submission to provide you the ultimate control over your products and order quantities. Giving the ability to customize products to your users can be not only a huge time saver, but also give them the branded items they are looking for. This can be great for business cards, but also provide for customized brochures, apparel and more.