How to Organize Marketing Materials for a Remote Work Environment

We all know the phrase, time is money. So when your workers are using their time looking and tracking down the things they need they are missing out on accomplishing more productive tasks. Help your team work smarter, not harder, by ensuring they aren’t spending time ineffectively.

One of the most overlooked areas of a business that if not properly managed can cost your employees valuable time is your electronic file system. Remember those old file rooms, filled wall to wall with filing cabinets where documents were alphabetized and sorted, yet you still had to get up and go through things to find what you wanted? Well, digital was the answer to all that storage and wasted time. The thing is, for some businesses digital just made things worse and all that productivity they thought they’d be getting back remained just as lost.

How is your company folder system managed? If your answer is  it isn’t, or it’s organization is updated every few months, that tells me you probably have a problem. Even here at Velocity, we can fall behind in managing our digital file system, that is why we make it a priority to sort through it once a month to make sure everything is where it belongs and create a new space for items when needed.

As businesses grow, so do their team members. With so many people accessing, moving, and adding documents, the whole system can get disorganized pretty quickly. Make sure your digital folders are set up in a way that’s easy and simple to navigate. Your workers will thank you because their frustrations for finding things will disappear, and you’ll thank yourself as they get back to doing what they’re supposed to, which at the end of the day is to help you make money.

Another option you will want to incorporate is to have spreadsheets that list what content or documents you do have. Save your workers the hassle of looking for something that isn’t there anymore by continually updating these spreadsheets.

For example, here at Velocity we have a spreadsheet that lists all of the blogs we have published along with a separate document that lists the upcoming blogs. That way when we need to access one of them we can reference the related list and determine where we should be looking, in the published or draft folder.

Little things like these can save your workers much aggravation and get them back to doing their job. 19% is a high number, so implementing these tactics can help drive that number closer to 0 and increase worker productivity.