Tips to Help Your Marketing Material Team of Creatives & Designers

Edit, reshape, adapt, resize, confirm, dispatch. This may be the repeated stream of work in-house designers are confronting day in and day out. The work needs to be done, but it also could be managed in a way that saves much of the time your designers are already setting aside to complete it. We’ve come up with a few solutions for in-house designers to save time and effort.

How do you do that? One way is to put together a size guide. It’s difficult to keep track of the different size allowances on type of collateral. For instance let’s say you are hosting an event and you want to have a trifold to hand out in your booth discussing some of your company’s services. Your design team has put together the trifold, but now you want a flyer as well. The problem is that although a trifold is 8×11, same as the flyer, the pages are folded so the information is organized differently and sized smaller. If the long images are stretched to fit the rectangular shape it becomes warped.

Now your designer has to convert the original artwork into a new size and format, which is actually takes more time than you think. There’s re positioning involved, resizing, proportions to maintain and so on.

A size guide is handy and solves part of this problem for your designer if it contains all the sizing dimensions for graphics on sites your company posts. Most of this information you can find online, or you can check out this infographic that shows all the possible size constraints on each social media platform.

Another solution is to design templates for graphics that need to be created often. For example, you may post blog to your website every week. That blog needs an image to go with it that is always the same size and contains the title of the blog post and company logo.

It may help your design team to have a blog image template. This way all they can insert the title into the pre-formatted text area and begin designing in prespecified space with the logo already included.

Templates can be made for any types of images and can save designers valuable time and effort.

It also may behoove your company to also set alteration guidelines. Any piece of marketing collateral may be requested for alterations by the sales team, marketing team, you name it and everyone may want something different.

Having a predetermined system in check for what is allowed to be altered and in what way will save your design team of multiple revisions and a long variety of requests.