Nonprofit Marketing Materials, Promotional Products, & More

In the nonprofit industry, you’re focused on helping others. You shouldn’t have to worry about printing up-to-date nonprofit marketing materials, creating promotional products, or fulfilling orders. That’s where Velocity Print comes in. An Albany-based marketing company, we’ll keep your marketing materials current and modern.

Velocity Print has all the services you need to enhance your nonprofit marketing materials. Our comprehensive, one-stop-shop means you can update your marketing materials, promo products, and printed materials in just 24 hours. We are here to ease your mind and create marketing materials just for you.

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Nonprofit Swag Items, Marketing Materials, & Printing

Swag Items & E-Commerce Sites

  • 800,000 options for branded products
  • Specialized creative services department
  • Custom virtual storefronts for your swag items
  • Forecasting and monitoring tools

Printing Nonprofit Marketing Materials

  • Printing solutions for different sized printed products
  • Fast, comprehensive revisions
  • On-demand & digital printing services
  • Complete mailing services

Mailing Distribution & Fulfillment

  • Shipment within 24-48 hours
  • Order & product fulfillment capabilities
  • Pick-packing assembly and distribution options
  • Discounted postage and shipping rates

Featured Case Study

Ten80 Education
A leader in the nonprofit sector, Ten80 Education is an organization educated to help students excel in STEM at all ages. Every year, the organization hosts an event, “Student Racing Challenge”. This event requires car kits for students to be distributed around the country. Ten80’s previous distributor was having trouble fulfilling the orders, reporting issues, and proper response times. Velocity brought them a specialized ordering system where we fulfilled, shipped, and tracked all their orders at once. With Velocity, Ten80 can trust their students will have their car kits- delivered, custom made, and ready for the race.

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