Large-Format Printing Tips

Tips and tricks

Large-format (also known as Wide-format) printers have the capability to print on various substrates including coroplast, vinyl, foamcore, PVC (and many more!) with a width between 17″ and 100″. Printers with a print width of over 100″ are generally referred to Super-Wide or Grand format. Using rolled substrates (or non-rigid substrates) as opposed to individual sheets, wide format provides the capability of producing very large scale banners and promotional materials. Listed below are large-format printing tips from experts in the industry. 

Velocity lunch room large-format printing

Tips for large-format designs and printing :


Types of large-format printing include:

·         Trade Show Graphics

·         Floor Graphics

·         Wall Graphics

·         Posters

·         Banners

·         Indoor & Outdoor Signage

·         Magnetic Signs

·         Directional Signs

·         Backdrops

·         Counter Cards

·         Podium Signs

·         Backlit Graphics

·         Indoor/Outdoor Graphics

·         Light Box Graphics

·         Stand-Ups

·         Table Covers

·         Panel Displays

·         Modular Displays

·         Wall Charts

·         Point-of-Purchase Displays

·         Point-of-Sale Merchandising

·         Menus

·         Museum, Theatre, Lobby Graphics

·         Court Room Graphics/Displays

·         Cut Vinyl

·         Window & Ceiling Graphics

·         Wallpaper

·         Ceiling Danglers

·         Murals

·         Bus Backs/Sides

·         Lettering

·         ATM’s & Kiosks

·         Window Film

·         Static Clings

·         Real Estate Signage

·         Vehicle Wraps

·         Fleet Graphics

·         Portable Displays


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