Advantages of Direct Mail Marketing: Print Advertising Agency Secrets

Mailboxes line the road with lush greenery behind.

2020 has marked the transition to working from home that will likely remain in some form once the climatic era has passed. This digital shift accounts for the increase in consumers’ online activity all over the globe. With so much time spent online, businesses are flocking to throw more ad dollars at digital advertising campaigns. Go where the people are, they say. But what about where the people are? At home, a perfect place for direct mail marketing to reach.

Digital Landscape Becoming Weighted Down

While its true that you want your ads to appear where your ideal customers visit, the digital landscape is becoming saturated with a rush of businesses upping their existing digital presence and others just joining the party.

What does that mean for your business? Not only will you need to spend more to compete with your pre-existing competition, but you also will now be in competition with a whole new class of businesses trying to get any inch they can in the digital advertising race to your potential customers’ feeds.

Be Strategic With Your Advertising

YES, you should go where the people are, but they’re not just going online. They’re at home going online. While businesses duke it out in the digital space for these shoppers’ attention, your advertising could be taking the secret entrance to enter at the place that they feel most safe and comfortable, most open to possibilities…right through the mailbox!

While your potential customer’s phones are bombarded with ads and emails all vying for their attention, yours could quite literally be in their hands. Emails are getting deleted, ads are getting scrolled by without a second glance, but a print mail piece is more tangible, more personal and is guaranteed to land in your customers’ hand when they retrieve their mail.

Direct Mail Marketing Can Be More Personal

Print advertising can be just as personal to the consumer as digital advertising is. You have the same targeting options for demographics, location and interests. Your print ad should also include personalization such as the consumer’s name, title, or business. PURLs (personal URLs) offer a unique and tailored avenue for consumers to engage with your business whilst feeling important and understood.

Print Ads Beat Endless Competition Online

Direct mail marketing is the way to beat out the endless competition online. Run a digital campaign on your Facebook where you hypertarget your ads so there is limited ad spend waste and then deploy a print ad to consumers with a PURL linking them directly to your Facebook campaign on your business page. When consumers use the PURL they bypass any other competitors’ advertising and land directly on your page. The same cross media strategy can be used to get customers directly to your website or on your Instagram page or at your store.

Using Cross Media Marketing as a Holistic Approach

Cross media marketing is more than just sending the same ad out over multiple mediums. It’s a holistic approach to a targeted campaign. When your print, digital ads, email, sms and any other advertising medium you run work in conjunction to support one another, tailoring their message to their medium and audience, your advertising skirts around the heavy lifters who put all or the majority of their money into one ad space.

Think of it like a quadruple threat: Print, digital ad, email, sms— substitute your channels here—. Cross-media campaigns grow the businesses who employ them by placing the businesses in front of customers’ consciousness as often as possible. Product awareness increases each time a customer is faced with a type of advertising about the product. With each impression the customer’s desire for the product elevates. Let the competition empty their pockets online, while you take the sure bet and incorporate print into your cross media marketing strategy.

Let Velocity Print Handle the Logistics

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