Higher Education Marketing: Why Colleges Choose Velocity Print

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How do admissions get in front of thousands of students each year to attract them to their institution? With a higher education marketing vendor that understands the exact needs of colleges and offers the tools, services and products institutions require to capture the attention and commitment of students, parents, adult learners and high school audiences.

Velocity is that vendor. With over 100  partnerships in higher education, Velocity has been successfully serving this industry for over 36 years. During that time, Velocity has come to understand the demands of recruitment and retention intimately. 

Creative Ideas Need to Be Motivating & Inspiring

In higher education, ideas should uplift and enrich students, but messages shouldn’t be cliche and should be developed through research and experience. That’s why we take an integrated approach; All of our services are connected, and we bring what we learn from each area of our work to every project.

Whether you’re looking to expand your reach to draw the attention of students from new regions, of varying backgrounds and life stages, or you’re looking to enhance your marketing with more personalized messaging, Velocity has the right assets to speak to each segment with personalized direct mail and efficient mailing fulfillment services

Learning is More Flexible and Competitive

With the influx of online learning and digital learners, students are now more than ever able to attend any school in the country and beyond. The competition to commit new students to your institution has fiercely expanded.

We understand the new pressure this places on admissions marketing, and we also recognize that the mass messaging approach to marketing that worked years ago is no longer as fruitful as it once was.

Velocity’s Role is Supportive Innovators

We see our role as supportive innovators in our Higher Ed partnerships. We bring new creative ideas to our conversations while supporting the initiatives our clients share with us. Whether it’s welcome packets, personalized mailers, recruitment gifts or information pamphlets, it’s our job to share your message with prospective learners in a way that puts them at ease and puts your institution into serious consideration.

Show Prospective Students What It’s Like to Be Enrolled

Engage with prospective students by showing them what it’s like to walk on campus with illustrative brochures. Share with hopeful students how they will be learning and what to anticipate on their education journey with a campus magazine highlighting the incredible achievements current students are making. Direct new learners to personalized pages using PURLs and QR codes that help you know which mailers are making the greatest impact. Then check with your Velocity partner for even more detailed reporting to help you hone your recruitment strategies.

Velocity Is Leading Vendor in Higher Education & Admissions Marketing

Higher Ed is unlike many other industries. If you are looking to improve your recruitment numbers this year, select a vendor who knows the market fluently. Connect with Velocity to discuss how we can support your recruitment needs. We’re always available to talk using the chat feature on your screen or by phone or email at 888.372.3487 | infoNY@velocityprint.com.

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