Types of Printed Marketing Materials Every Business Needs

Creating the right marketing mix for your business is the key to driving impactful results from your marketing campaigns. Your mix should include a variety of print, digital, and traditional assets.

We’re going to focus on what print marketing materials are must-haves for any business and what print services best serve specific products, services or industries.

Premium Business Cards

Among the most common print materials, the business card is an old-school must-have that will never go out of practice. Yes, we all have our phones and can quickly add a new contact when the mood strikes us, but there’s too much typing involved if you were to put everything on a business card into your phone. Although technology makes it easier than ever to connect, the business card still holds value in the amount of information it contains alone.

A good business card contains all avenues to get in touch with you or your business and also gives a glimpse at the brand identity of your business. It’s a sneak peek with directions on how to find out more. Business cards have evolved past the standard white card stock rectangles they originally debuted as. They are as creative as your brand, coming in a variety of textures, colors, shapes and sizes. Show off your brand identity and keep them on hand for those opportune moments and important client meetings. You can also explore the use of business card magnets which leave your contact information in a place we all frequent, the fridge!

Direct Mail

When it comes to direct mail’s effectiveness, not many other mediums can boast a 66% open rate, let alone compete with the fact that on average 82% of it is read for one minute or more. Digital ads compete for seconds of a consumer’s time, whereas direct mail pieces are competing in minute intervals.

Consumers are more likely to pay attention to a direct mail piece than they are a digital ad because it presents itself to homeowners when they retrieve their daily mail. It becomes ritualized as a part of their day. It’s anticipated and that’s what gets attention. Digital ads have to interrupt the consumer, while direct mail pieces are expected.

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Custom Letterhead

As a business, you already are or will be sending out information to prospective clients, customers, and your internal team. Any information you are sharing should be printed on company-branded letterhead. It establishes credibility, authority and is part of maintaining a consistent brand identity.

Letterheads provide customers clear and direct contact information for your business and convey a level of mutual respect in its formality. Customers want to be treated with the utmost care. Sending company information out using an on-brand letterhead shows them they are important players in your business.

Products, Service or Industry Specific Print Collateral

There are many factors to consider when determining what additional print collateral would best serve your business. Location, product, service, customer type, the complexity of offerings, among others— all play a role in fine-tuning the right print marketing mix.

We are going to cover a few specific business types to demonstrate what print collateral would give them an edge in their market.

Local Businesses

If you run a local business, meaning you serve just your town or city, often get foot traffic and acquire new customers by word of mouth or referrals, your business would benefit greatly from using flyers and brochures. Posting flyers around the area, offering brochures about your product or service that you can leave with customers or in public spaces are going to get you the attention of the local customer base. One great benefit is that they are easily shared between consumers, giving them ample opportunity to get the word out about your business.

Education Required

Products that are complex often have a learning hurdle to get over before purchase. These are best conveyed with brochures. Benefits, instructions and use cases can all be conveyed to the customer prior to purchase.

Similarly, a service that is offered at a variety of price points or that can be customized to some capacity based on customer needs would also benefit from a brochure.

Special Occasions

Businesses that fall into this category are florists, wedding planners, resorts, restaurants, etc… These are businesses that celebrate special moments in consumers’ lives. Businesses such as these would be wise to stock thank you, congratulations, or announcement cards. These can be sent to customers as a thank you for choosing them and offers an opportunity for your business to encourage a referral. They also can be sent in advance of a special anniversary to entice the consumer to celebrate with your business. Any business that deals with or offers a personal touch would be remiss not to have branded special occasion cards on hand.

Those are just a few business-specific or product-specific cases where incorporating print collateral increases brand recognition, referrals, trust, authority and offers a level of personal care your competitors will be envious of.

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