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As Covid guidelines and restrictions begin to relax, opportunities to gather collectively are becoming more feasible. Businesses that typically hold events are now able to start planning and organizing them! We will start to see more opportunities to attend trade shows, conferences, seminars and other events.

If your business is planning on holding an event soon, there are some elements you’ll want to consider to ensure your event draws the number of people you’re aiming for and drives awareness within the local and larger community to your brand or business.

The key to getting targeted response to registration for any event is to have a strategic advertising strategy. This includes a combination of print and digital media targeted to attract the type of attendee your business is looking to form a relationship with.

Flyers, posters, brochures and banners are all critical elements included in a multi-level advertising strategy. At Velocity, we can help you design, print, store and distribute these materials effectively and efficiently.

You will also want to ensure your digital marketing messages align with your print materials. Ads on social media and posts to your business’s account page should fit seamlessly into the conversation your print materials are having with potential attendees and vice versa.

Print materials also need to be considered for the event itself.

What information would you like your attendees to have regarding the structure and organization of the event?

What documents will your attendees need to get the most out of the event?

What information would you like your attendees to walk away with regarding your business after the event?

Consider the answers to all of these questions, and then determine which print materials you will need to support those decisions.

Your company will convey a level of polish during the event if your event space and stations are outfitted with branded tablecloths or tents. Larger materials such as these catch the eye not only of attendees but passers-by if you are hosting an outdoor event. Use tablecloths, tents and signage to grab the interest of non-attendees and offer them direction as to how to attend.

There is one last element that must be considered and is often neglected, post-event marketing and follow-up. Many businesses place all of their attention on registration and the event itself that they miss out on the opportunity to convert attendees after the event has ended into customers.

Post-event follow-up should include a mix of traditional and digital marketing messages tailored to convert a now more informed prospect. Direct mail is a highly effective post-sale channel. When consumers receive direct mail, it has been documented that 78% of consumers react to direct mail immediately if they are interested. Because the audience you will be sending these direct mail pieces to is already informed, your anticipated conversion rate falls within the 78th percentile range! For more information about direct mail advertising and its effectiveness, read our previous post, If You Mean It, Print It!

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