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Trade shows, conferences and other in person events where you can get in front of potential clients and interact are great opportunities to showing off all your company has to offer in a fun and engaging way.  If your business is planning on holding or attending an event soon, there are four marketing collateral areas you’ll want to consider to ensure your event’s success. Honing in on each will make sure you capture leads before, during, and after the event.

1. Print Marketing & Digital Advertising: Promoting Registrations

The key to getting responses via registrations for any business event is to have a strategic, promotional advertising strategy. This plan should consider a combination of digital and printed marketing materials. The goal should be to attract the people who you want to attend, while also capturing those further down the funnel who are looking to form a relationship with your business.

Flyers, posters, brochures, and banners are all critical elements included in a multi-level advertising strategy.

At Velocity, we can help you design, print, store, and distribute your printed materials effectively and efficiently.

2. Social Media Advertising as Event Collateral

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While print marketing is vital in your advertising and promotion strategy, don’t ignore digital marketing efforts. You will want to ensure your digital marketing messages align with your print materials. Ads on social media and posts to your business’s account page should fit seamlessly into the conversation your print materials are having with potential attendees and vice versa.

Consider making digital versions of your flyers and brochures, able to be easily posted and shared on various social media platforms. For more advice on social media marketing for events and brand messaging, check out our blog: 3 Social Media Mistakes that Ruin Promotional Marketing.

3. Trade Show Marketing & Creating Event Collateral

Printed marketing materials also need to be considered for the event itself. After all, you want to capture your attendees’ attention once they are there! Consider the following questions to determine which print materials or event collateral to create:

  • What information would you like your attendees to have regarding the structure and organization of the event?
  • What documents will your attendees need to get the most out of the event?
  • What information would you like your attendees to walk away with regarding your business after the event?
  • What promotional merchandise or marketing materials could represent your brand image or brand message, even after the event is over?

Your company will convey a level of polish during the event if, for example, your event space and stations are outfitted with branded tablecloths or tents. Use tablecloths, tents, and signage to grab the interest of non-attendees and offer them direction as to how to attend the next conference. Promotional merchandise or marketing materials will remind the users of your company every time they see your logo.

Whether you are looking for a trade show banner, table tent, or full backdrop, Velocity will create a custom solution for your company. Our in-house creative team will work with you and your business to create the perfect printed marketing materials or event collateral. Not only that, but Velocity has over 800,000 promotional products available for you to choose from. We’ll find the perfect items to respect your organization.

4. Post-Event Marketing: Direct Mail Campaigns & Reaching Prospects After

There is one last element that must be considered and is often neglected: post-event marketing. Post-event marketing offers the opportunity to convert attendees to customers, or even simply move them further down the marketing funnel.

Post-event follow-up should include a mix of traditional and digital marketing messages tailored to convert your new prospects. Assume that they are likely more informed now, as they attended the event to learn more about your industry/business.

Direct mail, either printed or electronically delivered, is a highly effective post-sale channel. When consumers receive direct mail, it has been documented that 78% of consumers react to direct mail immediately. Velocity offers complete direct mail services with a range of print options, delivering anywhere you need.

Creating A Wholistic Approach to Event Promotion

Velocity print has helped businesses launch event campaigns  by navigating them through the printing and mailing needs, promotional products, branded material and their fulfillment and distribution. Contact Velocity today to connect with our in-house design team and experienced sales professionals.


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