The Best Trade Show Giveaway Ideas in 2023

Trade Show Patrons moving around to collect branded swag items from various booths.

Trade shows will be ramping up in 2023 and in order to be ready, you should read up on the latest promotional product trends and start thinking about stocking up on your branded promotional products

To get you started, let’s discuss the top-performing trade booth swag to consider for trade show giveaways  this year. 

Branded Tote Bag

Black tote bag ready to be used as a custom promotional product at a trade show.

A tote bag is as simple as it is practical to trade show attendees. When attendees walk the trade show floor, they have to carry all of their things and somehow manage to carry the additional branded swag items they collect from the booths they visit. A tote bag is a genius promotional gift idea. Attendees can carry all of their things in YOUR branded tote. Now your company brand is getting displayed all over the trade show floor, and everyone else’s giveaways are hidden out of sight inside. Your booth will attract the attention of attendees who need a practical and helpful item.


A pile of nuts shown as a snack, a perfect opportunity for branded marketing at trade shows.

Depending on the event itinerary, attendees may be going for hours without something to eat in between meals. A snack could be the perfect opportunity for cross media marketing, taking a familiar food and subtly ingraining your brand. It will catch the eye of attendees and lure them over to your booth for relief from their hunger. Snacks are also just so darn irresistible. A little nosh to munch on always makes your experience better. We recommend you brand the packaging of the snacks if possible to increase brand awareness and retention in the process.

Water Bottle/Thermos

A white water bottle referencing the popular canvas for branded marketing materials.

No, you won’t be the only booth offering this popular branded swag item, but water bottles and thermos’ prove again and again to be crowd-pleasers. There is something to be said about supplying your booth with the expected. When attendees anticipate seeing an item at a trade show, they will feel at ease and understood by your booth. A bonus tactic you can employ with a thermos is to put gift cards in them. Perhaps a $5 gift card to Starbucks and save those bottles for your current clients attending the event. Offer them this special gift for being a customer and stopping by. You’ll increase your brand loyalty by doing so.

Cable catches

Cable clip holding wires illustrated as a great promotional gift idea.

These are small but mighty cord detanglers to keep any office desk neat and accessible. You can purchase magnetic or adhesive cable catches and offer them in small packs of 2-4. They’re an item most other booths won’t have, and that’s precisely the reason to sock them at yours!

Other Branded Promotional Product Considerations

Man in nike baseball cap gazes across a bridge at a mountain.

The items listed are our top 4 items, though a bonus item to consider is branded wearables. In all cases, these items are proven promotional marketing materials that serve companies well. They are a good starting point, though consideration into custom promotional materials that complement your audience and your brand is always recommended. Giveaways are only effective if desired by your ideal audience, and certain swag items may attract audiences you didn’t intend to. Be strategic in your giveaway selections.

If you need help with promotional gift ideas, or are ready to stock up on swag items today, check out our custom promotional products, or contact us to get started on your next marketing campaign. 

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