Top 10 Reasons to Choose Velocity Print

When considering a vendor to supply your print, marketing distribution and fulfillment needs, consider Velocity Print. Here are ten reasons Velocity Prints is the best choice for you and your business.


  1. In-house designers: If you don’t have the creative resources or are looking to outsource the creative function of your project, Velocity’s in-house creative service department can help customize each product to match your branding. We work with you to ensure every design fits your branding, messaging and overall marketing goals.
  2. Extensive Catalog: We offer more than 800,000 promotional products for our clients to choose from, including mugs, polos, etched crystal awards, lanyards, and much more! Our exceptional buying power will help ensure you get the best quality products. Browse through our online catalog OR search for a specific product in mind.
  3. Online Storefront: We offer an online storefront to manage your marketing collateral, granting your business the flexibility to share assets across multiple locations, update designs instantly and coordinate the arrival of various pieces and quantities with ease.
  4. Fulfillment Management: You’ll never overstock because all materials are stored at the fulfillment center. Keep collateral in storage for yearly or biannual events like tradeshows or conferences. All of your materials are at the ready the moment you need them, allowing your marketing and sales teams to stop worrying about ordering the correct materials and focus instead on driving and landing new business.
  5. Cost-Effective: Overspending is eliminated with restrictions on budgets for each login to our custom online storefront. On top of that, you can easily track usage flows, cost, and distribution history to gain insights into which materials are delivering on their return and which should be updated, reallocated, or eliminated.
  6. Empower Your Sales Team: Your sales teams can circumvent the design department to insert their name or contact information onto a marketing piece. Minor edits or changes that used to bog down your designers can all be handled by the online storefront at the user’s request.
  7. Dedicate Account Executives: Our staff takes pride in empowering the businesses we serve to share their message, build their brand loyalty and increase their awareness with the use of promotional and marketing collateral we supply them. We also always ensure we help you devise a promotional plan within your budget.
  8. Small and Large Scale Services: Velocity offers print promotional products at all scales. From office collateral, direct mail pieces, catalogs, brochures, training material, posters, and pads to large format display, point-of-purchase, and trade show booths, we print it all.
  9. Fast printing when time is short: When time is of the essence, choose our digital on-demand printing options. Velocity’s high speed, high-quality color and B&W digital presses are the best the industry has to offer. We offer high-quality color or black and white, short runs, personalized printing, and variable content with a quick turnaround.
  10. Future Forecasting: The best companies are able to predict the needs of their customers and supply their needs before they take root. With Velocity’s analytics, forecasting for future purchases, usage, and determining distribution patterns based on accurate and detailed intelligence is not only possible but makes for easier reactions to the increases in inventories and related expenses.


Velocity Print is a team of problem solvers ready to support their client’s growing and adapting needs. We’re here for you. Contact us at 888.372.3487 or by email at


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