The Benefits of Outsourcing Warehouse Operations

If you’ve been handling your warehouse operations in-house and are now researching not only what is involved in making the switch to outsource but, more importantly, if the switch is worth it, we have answers for you. Even if operations are still running well for you at this point in your business, it’s good to get an understanding of what benefits you may experience outsourcing your warehouse operations in the coming future.

1. Removed from your list
Unless you have a background in warehouse management, product fulfillment, shipping and supply chain coordination, managing your warehouse operations internally is a task that would be more efficiently sustained by a person or entity that does. Maximizing the operations of your business requires owners and managers to delegate tasks specific to each team member’s strengths and passions. Know your strengths, and if they are not in warehouse operations, you are spending too much time and resources on a project that an expert could more efficiently handle.

2. Over and Under-Stocking Materials
Your outsourcing company assumes the responsibility of maintaining your inventory supply. It becomes their job to ensure inventory remains stocked appropriately during your seasonal peaks and valleys, ensuring you are never over or under stocked throughout the year.

3. Storage Space
When you outsource your warehouse operations, all materials are stored at the fulfillment center, preventing you from having to rent space to house inventory. Beyond your more flexible inventory, you can keep collateral in storage for yearly or biannual events like tradeshows or conferences, preventing you from having to house these materials on-site.

4. Data Insights
The best companies can predict the needs of their customers and supply their needs before they take root. A good outsourcing company should be able to provide you with accurate and detailed intelligence to forecast future purchases, usage and determine distribution patterns. The company should also frequently adjust its supply and fulfillment coordination based on this data to avoid over-spending, over or under-stocking, and other related expenses. All of which lowers your risk.

5. Reduce Costs
There are multiple ways outsourcing your warehouse operations will reduce your overhead costs, and we’ve already touched on a few of them. First is your operations will now be scalable, meaning inventory and service teams rise and fall based on your market demands, preventing you from overpaying during slower times in the year. Pre-established distribution channels and a centralized location help reduce transportation costs. Your time will no longer be devoted to warehouse operations tasks that require more attention and time from you to manage. Training staff is also removed as third-party operations providers take on the duty to train and maintain staff to support your business’s needs.

If you’re ready to outsource, let’s talk about how we can support your corporation and increase efficiencies in your fulfillment and distribution processes. You can learn more about our Online Custom Storefront here. We’re also always available to talk using the chat feature on your screen or by phone or email at 888.372.3487 |

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