The Benefits of Corporate Gift Items: Branded Merchandise & More

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Corporate gifts offer many benefits including serving as a great way to show appreciation for the support your clients, customers, stakeholders, or shareholders give your company; the work your employees put in to keep the business thriving; and the interest potential customers have shown towards your services or products.

Each of these groups should be considered when planning your end-of-year corporate gifts. It’s important to recognize everyone involved in your company’s success as they each play a vital role and are deserving of branded merchandise and other thoughtful gifts that show appreciation.

Here are some benefits and guidelines for offering corporate gifts:

Benefit: Deepen the Relationship

Sending corporate gifts to your customers or clients actually reinforces the relationship your company has with them. It does this by increasing brand loyalty and bolstering customer retention. Customers often are the most surprised sector of supporters when they receive gifts as the relationship between them and your business is one of monetary support in exchange for goods or services. They initiate the exchange, so it is surprising to them when this relationship is flipped, and they receive a trendy promotional product or service first.

Guideline: Corporate Gifts to Customers Should Go Beyond Price

Gifts to customers should go beyond a percent discount or extra points for purchasing because, in both instances, the customer must still initiate and provide money to receive the benefit of the gift. Rather, your business should select a promotional item that can be provided without any initiation or involvement from the customer. A free product from your line or branded swag are great options.

Guideline: Stakeholders and Shareholders Deserve Professional, Elevated Gift

This group’s contributions are essential and therefore deserve thoughtful recognition. Keeping shareholders feeling like your company honors what they provide is an excellent way to maintain that relationship and buy-in.

Guideline: Employees Require Thanks

Your employees are the members of your business that put in the most effort to ensure its success. This group trades its time and skill for salary, but just because they already see a return for their efforts does not mean they should not be thanked.

Employees put in extra effort every day, whether it’s staying a few minutes late, coming in a little bit early, taking on extra work when others are out, dedicating time away from family and friends to support the company, working through lunch sometimes, and overall just showing up to do their best effort, these are the things that often go unnoticed that corporate gifts can thank them for doing throughout the year. Branded swag, mugs, notebooks, or gifts like these show your employees how valuable they are to your company, boosting morale and dedication to do their best work.

Benefit: Corporate Gifts to Potential Customers Leads to Conversions

Lastly, sending corporate gifts to potential customers is an effective way to transform them into current customers. For this group, providing some type of discount or a free gift with purchase is an appropriate way to thank them for their interest and entice them into buying, thus graduating them into your current customer group.

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