Financial Services Swag Helps Boost Trust

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As a member of the finance world, you work a lot with trust. Trust from your clients that they will have long-term security with your institution, trust that they’re making the right investments, trust that their money will grow, trust that you’re offering them the best rates and options, trust that you’ll be there to help and support them if something ever goes wrong and the list goes on.

All of that trust-dealing brings with it a considerable weight of emotional transactions. Some of those transactions are emotionally positive, like opening an account, qualifying for a loan, getting a significant return on investment, or paying off a loan. Other transactions carry negative emotional weight, like failing to qualify, losing investments, risking capital, or missing opportunities. These emotions make for tumultuous relationships with clients that the financial sector needs its best tools to navigate smoothly.

The right toolkit establishes trust right away and demonstrates a commitment to support its clients over their lifetime through rough and exciting stages. Financial institutions wisely put a lot of focus and effort into their first impression with a new client to get that trust immediately.

Establish Trust with Branded Print & Giveaway Items

Professional presentation is important and financial institutions can benefit from taking care in the promotional, and swag materials they give to customers. More than elevating your brand items such as branded portfolios, letterheads, business cards, pens, keychains, bank bags, piggy banks, etc., showcase a giving relationship as customers never leave empty-handed. A relationship where the institution’s intentions are to provide, not take or squander.

This tactic to over-give what seem like common items is the exact strategy that breaks through uncertainty or hesitation on the client’s end and replaces it with trust and appreciation. Over time, continuing to give is what maintains the trust, gratitude, and loyalty you established with your customers from their very first meeting.

Gift Giving Enhances the Human Element

Gift-giving is one of the core ways we humans express ourselves in relationships. It’s so strongly expressed and received by partners that it’s recognized as one of the five love languages in the 5 Love Languages framework. Its impact is immense, so if there is one area of your financial business that you certainly need to take stock in, it’s swag and promotional items. Also, take into consideration the types of promotional products you will need to support clients throughout their relationship with your institution. In our previous post, we explored this in detail: Promotional Products for the Financial Industry.

We’ve also uncovered financial promotional product trends for virtual 

Work With Velocity’s Print & Branded Gift Experts

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