Swag Items For Welcoming College Students Back to School

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Classes are in full swing, and that’s not all; events on campus and off campus are underway, games are happening out on the fields and clubs are orchestrating meetups!

Get The Word Out With The Proper Signage, Banners, and Flyers

Nothing makes an event look more organized and legitimate, like high-quality signage. Banners for entryways, branded table cloths, eye-catching pop-ups, and flyers or cards to distribute to participants all make an event feel and look seamless. Not only that, but it also promotes the event to onlookers.

When designing signage or marketing materials for your events, spend time concocting a short but alluring phrase or sentence that will capture someone’s attention. This is the message that you want to be printed in bold, colorful, and large letters. You’ll use it to pull people in or over to your set-up. Then depending on the piece, you will want to either elaborate further with additional context through words and images, or if space and/or the attention of a viewer is limited, you want to give direction. 

Language like “Go here,” “Scan the QR code for more” or “Meet us at…” are perfect for driving active engagement after you’ve captured the attention of your audience with your primary phrase. 

Have Swag Items Ready for Your College Students & Parents

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Events like welcome weekend, move-in weekend, parent’s weekend, sporting events, club meetings, and campus initiatives are all excellent opportunities to market your institution and increase participation with the use of banners, signs and the goodies everyone is after, SWAG!

Swag should align with your audience as well as your event type. You want to select items that attendees will find represent their needs and wants but also reflect the overall story behind the event or the institution putting on the event. For ideas, check out this blog post that lists the hot swag items for the class of 2026.

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Don’t Forget Swag Items for Employees

Rounding out your event, make sure your event staff completes the picture with branded wearables. Hats, shirts, lanyards, pens, notepads and phone cases are all small touches that, when combined, truly deliver a seamless, organized and alluring event.

That message you came up with for your signage is a perfect tagline to include on your staff’s wearables, either on the front of their hats or somewhere on their shirts. One cohesive marketing strategy is your goal to pulling off an incredible event that showcases the best of what your institution has to offer. 

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