Summer Promotional Item Trends: Best Giveaway Ideas

New promotional items are attracting popularity as we move from spring to summer. We’ve got you covered on the latest trending summer promotional items brands are picking up this year and customers are on the lookout for! Plus we dive into categories of items trending this summer!

Promotional Sunglasses:

Blue sunglasses with brand logo on the side.

Always a staple for outdoor summer fun! Sunglasses come in various colors and styles, so you can find the perfect one to match your brand identity. You can add your branding along the side arms. They’re perfect for people who forgot their own pair or are attending an outdoor event and want to fit in with the crowd by rocking a pair!

Custom Branded Backpacks/Fanny Packs:

Black fanny pack with brand logo in center.

Fanny packs or sling bags are making a fashion comeback at the moment. Top brands like Lulu Lemon are selling them to their young, active audiences. These are perfect to brand and hold personal items like cash, cards, phones, chapsticks and the sunglasses you stocked up on! Personalized backpacks are for bigger adventures…the ones where you need to bring food and water with you, equipment, gear or your notebook.

Branded Koozies®/Coolers:

Colorful arrangement of coolers showing off brand logos.

To keep any and all drinks cold in the heat, drink coolers for your cans or bottles are a popular item to stock this summer. Some companies even stock coolers for beer glasses, so you can pour your favorites and enjoy them cold out of the glass while out in the sun. Pro-tip, once the drinks come out of the cooler, it’s time for custom Koozies® so no sip goes warm.

Custom Water Bottles:

A lineup of water bottles of various colors all showing off a brand logo.

If it’s not rain, it’s usually heat that can foil plans! Custom branded water bottles are a perfect staple item to stock up on. Have them available for young adventurers that need to stay hydrated throughout the day!

Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers:

Black clip speaker with brand logo on bottom.

These are big ticket items your customers will be happily surprised to see you’re offering as a promotional item. There’s no time like the summer to bust out a customized outdoor speaker to attract people to your location, booth or event!

Trending Summer Promo Product Categories

Picking up speed for the summer of 2023 are business cards. The tried and true method of handing out business cards is still a staple but a new tactic is trending which takes promotional items and transforms them into a business card. Something small and simple like a matchbox is a trending example. It has a rectangular face and back that you can print all your business card information on while still serving as a desired promotional item customers want to take with them.

Other items that are becoming the new business card are, stickers, tote bags, magback wallets or pop sockets, pens, and anything else that offers you enough space to add your branding and contact information.

A second category is experience. Summer is all about exploration and adventure. Products that are on target to do well in the coming months are items like, portable speakers, backpacks, summer clothing, towels, water bottles, hats, umbrellas, portable chargers, socks, and sunscreen.

The final trending category is small businesses and promotional items from smaller brands consumers haven’t been exposed to before. Name-brand promotional items are sought after but consumers are looking for brands to expose them to businesses to fall in love with or that carry their next favorite thing. Especially women-owned or minority-led businesses. Social and economic inclusivity is predicating consumer choice.

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