Trade Shows: Branded Merchandise Makes The Difference

From elegant Bridal Shows on the east coast to the most high-end technological trade shows in Silicon Valley, one thing is certain, by the end of the first day people are either talking about your booth or they’re not. It’s as simple as that. So what are you doing to make yourself stand out from the sea of booth dense aisles in the convention center?

Stock Your Booth With Trade Show Basics

A mason jar filled with pens.

Branded merchandise like pens, candies and bottled water serve well in getting your message and logo to the public. Even more, using promotional items that serve a function, like drinking water, means you will be close to potential customers’ thoughts in the future.

Develop a plan
A woman taking notes for a plan.

Consider changing up the booth by executing a more innovative redesign, plus hand out the kind of swag that stands out, and speaks to what’s popular, or needed in the community.

Keep What Works

Lock secured to a wire fence.

If you have experience with exhibiting or attending trade shows, then you likely already know the infinite array of possibilities of signage, booth staff coordinated apparel, and promotional products to get your message out and ultimately helping your company stand out from the competition.

You also know what has received attention in the past, and what has left you talking to the crickets. Figure out what falls into each category and then you will find the gaps you need to fill.

Coordinate Branded Outfits

Polo Shirt with color options









You and your employees are not just there to talk to people, you need to portray who you are and what better way to show what you’re all about than branded wearables.  As a bonus, giving out matching t-shirts to engaged visitors can make them feel a part of the company and have a greater tie to the organization.

Make it a Photo Worthy Event

Digital camera sitting next to black and white photos

What’s something you can put at your table that will beg people to stop by and ask to take a photo? It can be a mascot, a unique game, a silly activity that will warrant friends to want to take a snap, or a photo competition where a random participant wins a prize. Whatever you choose, play into the fact that the show is in person and people are wanting to engage and experience an in person event.

Get Help Before the Show

Having a great booth takes a lot of work. There’s strategy, purchasing, shipping, packing, transporting, and on it goes. Let Velocity Print take some stress away with innovative solutions like a custom online storefront that allows easy fulfillment and distribution and endless promotional product and branded merchandise options to choose from.

Not sure, or want to talk it out? We would love to chat over the phone, 888-372-3487 or shoot us an email!