Solving Marketing Collateral Fulfillment & Distribution Pain Points

For large and small corporations, marketing material creation, organization, storage, fulfillment, and distribution has grown to involve a multitude of staff from various departments, all requiring strong lines of communication and the coordination of already strained schedules. Marketing materials are a MUST-HAVE for any sized business, so herein lies the double-edged sword of handling marketing fulfillment in-house: forgo marketing fulfillment and lose business OR manage marketing fulfillment in-house and strain your team, run the risk of mixed-messaging, overstock on materials, or miss-represent your brand.

How many times have you ordered marketing materials that didn’t arrive on time, were miss-branded, were under-ordered, or were of lower quality than what the fulfillment center suggested? This causes an even greater strain on your team and hinders their ability to do the work that directly drives your business forward.

On top of all that, if you’re a large-scale corporation with multiple locations, organizing the management, fulfillment, and delivery of marketing collateral across all branches to ensure the same brand look, feel, and messaging is represented AND available creates an even greater project to execute.

Marketing fulfillment requires efficiency, automation, and fast turn-around times to succeed. Communication breakdowns, lack of coordination, and delayed processes contribute to fulfillment errors your business can’t and shouldn’t have to afford.

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When you move from in-house management to outsourcing your fulfillment management, you eliminate the manual processes that are slowing your team down. Using an online storefront to manage your marketing collateral fulfillment grants your business the flexibility to share assets across multiple locations, update designs instantly and coordinate the arrival of various pieces and quantities with ease.

You’ll never overstock because all materials are stored at the fulfillment center. Keep collateral in storage for yearly or biannual events like trade shows or conferences.

All of your materials are at-the-ready the moment you need them, allowing your marketing and sales teams to stop worrying about ordering the correct materials or if they’ll arrive in time and focus instead on driving and landing new business.

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Overspending is eliminated with restrictions on budgets for each login. On top of that, you can easily track usage flows, cost, and distribution history to gain insights into which materials are delivering on their return and which should be updated, reallocated, or eliminated.

Your sales teams can now circumvent the design department to insert their name or contact information onto a marketing piece. Minor edits or changes that used to bog down your designers can all be handled by the online storefront at the user’s request.

With Velocity’s online storefront, you will eliminate overstock and waste while maintaining brand consistency across all of your locations. Our pick and pack staff can manage your projects from start to finish, freeing you to focus on the efficacy of your business and ensure that your customer relationships are well attended.

Our trusted client, Visions Federal Credit Union, has transformed their fulfillment and storage process from a 60-minute project to a 6-minute task after implementing our promotion store for credit unions. All of their branches across multiple states now receive all marketing collateral timely and efficiently, improving their brand reputation and community outreach. Hear from Visions Federal Credit Union’s Mandy DeHate, Assistant Vice President, on how Velocity was able to streamline their fulfillment and distribution process.

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