Custom Marketing Materials in Social Media: How to Social Proof Your Swag

Social proofing concept showing people spreading the word about a business.

The last time you made a big purchase or needed to hire a company for service, did you ask family, friends, colleagues or read reviews online to help you decide?

This act is called obtaining social proof. Consumers are more likely to purchase a product or pay for a service if someone they know has had a good experience with that company in the past or if online reviews demonstrate the quality of the product or service.

When planning your custom marketing materials, you want to think about how to make it easy for consumers to say yes to your business offerings. One of the ways you can do that is by providing them with social proof.

What is social proof?

Some forms of social proof are: 

  • Consumer submitted reviews
  • Testimonials 
  • Pictures.

How to Leverage Social Proof 

Many businesses including those in the financial industry, allow and display online reviews on their website that provide the social proof consumers are looking for when they are seriously considering purchasing from your company, as evidenced by their visit to your website.

But what about before consumers are ready to buy? This is where you will want to incorporate social proof in the custom marketing materials your business creates.

Whether in direct mail, email, brochures, guides, pamphlets, or digital ads, incorporating social proof will establish credibility, trust and community support of your business offerings.

Consumers are more likely to choose the familiar or socially assimilated business over the new to the market or small market presence business. This is because of our human adherence to social norms. Providing evidence of community support will showcase that your product or service is well-liked and sought after by others, making it a more desirable choice.

Incorporate Social Proof in Marketing Materials:

How can a non-profit and other businesses leverage social proof?

  • Include stats like how many 5 star reviews your product has received.
  • Select high-quality consumer submitted photos of services rendered or of them using your product.
  • Incorporate direct quotes from user-submitted reviews or from feedback customers have shared at the time of their service.

Share Your Branded Marketing Materials With Those That Matter Most:

These materials will serve your business well in-store, but they can be better utilized to attract new customers when shared with the audiences that matter most. Ensuring your team is provided these resources to use in meetings or share with interested parties will significantly assist them in conveying your brand promise and proving your authority.

Velocity Can Help! 

Velocity can assist you in incorporating social proof into your branded marketing materials. Our design team works with you to help you create materials that powerfully convey your brand message and establish trust. With a vast distribution network, we seamlessly coordinate the production, storage and delivery of custom marketing materials to the groups that need them always in a timely and cost-effective manner.

You’ll also want to make sure they are shared digitally with your online audiences. Make sure that if you are using social media, you don’t make these 3 mistakes

With a congruent message across all channels your customers may engage with business in a more meaningful way. 

Get started on your next marketing campaign by giving us a call, or contacting us, today!

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