Returning to Business Post-Pandemic

The world is slowly beginning to return to normal, after two years in isolation. We are seeing lighter travel restrictions, businesses opening their doors, and many starting new jobs. However, the business landscape has permanently changed. 

How can you as a business approach these changes with custom marketing solutions? Read more to discover our tips and tricks for approaching the new business landscape!

Traveling Post-Pandemic for Businesses

If you are a company that relies on business travel and international in-person meetings, there are adjustments to consider to ensure you set up your employees for travel success.

  • Support Employee Wellbeing: Make it clear to your employees that you will support their overall well-being if they become sick due to travel. Ensure that they know their company has their back and that they can seek out any medical care they require.
  • Do Your Pandemic-Safety Research: Share with your employees the safety and hygiene standards of service providers your employees will be interacting with, to communicate that your company is devoted to their overall safety during their trip.  
  • Be Patient & Keep Up-to-Date: Travel plans are more likely to alter or delay in these times and should be anticipated. Employees will be better equipped to manage delayed or grounded flights that affect meeting schedules if they are prepared in advance with the appropriate expectations.

With this in mind, your employees will be able to travel safely for work as needed. Our “Ready, Set, Travel!” blog covers this topic even more in detail. 

Online Storefronts & Shopping

After the pandemic, more and more consumers are ordering online. Food, products, service parts- you name it! Be prepared to offer a custom e-commerce store or online storefront option, so consumers can purchase and pursue promotional products at their convenience. Velocity is happy to help businesses create online storefronts to sell promotional items. We’ll even design the promotional items for you! Choose from over 800,000 options to find the perfect options for employees or customers. 

Update Your Business Insurance

Check that your current business travel insurance protects you and your employees from the developing health and safety risks COVID-19 poses. If it doesn’t, request custom additions or changes from your provider. You’ll save time and money down the line with this small change.

Quick Turnaround 

With so much time waiting and stuck inside, consumers want items quicker than ever- and so do businesses! Whether you are B2B or B2C, you need to ensure quick turnarounds. Velocity offers this to our customers by being a one-stop-shop. We design, create, fulfill, and distribute all custom marketing solutions for our clients with an excellent turnaround. Need new marketing materials printed? We offer a 24-48 hour turnaround so you can advertise to your customers even faster. 


Throughout the pandemic, we have seen the business landscape shift and change. If you know how to prepare your business and employees for a return to work, you’ll hit the ground running in this new market. 

Velocity is here to ensure a smooth landing into the new business landscape. Contact us today to set up your custom online storefront for promotional products or to start your custom marketing materials! 

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