Ready, Set…Travel! Marketing Solutions for the Consumer Boom

Ready, Set...Travel!


Finally, the world is slowly reopening after two years of the pandemic. Consumers everywhere are jumping in the car, booking flights, packing bags, and setting off all over the world.

With the influx of traveling and a return of tourists, your business can position itself to take advantage of the opportunities. Consider these preparations for your business to capitalize on the travel boom.


Prepare for Post-Covid Safety Concerns

Even though more people are expected to be traveling, not all of these travelers will feel completely safe about it. Anticipate that travelers will need reassurance from your business of sanitation procedures and public safety guidelines. Design and receive your own custom marketing materials & signs from Velocity to give consumers the information they need!

To assist them, ensure that your team is well versed in business’ policies, so they can easily communicate them to your customers. Also, include signage that lays out all of the safety guidelines you ask your customers to follow and the procedures your staff takes to ensure everyone’s safety. Velocity has your back here- we can print signs of almost any size and get them to you in 24-48 hours!


Create Promotional Items That Travelers Want

How often do you forget 1 or 2 items when you travel? We try our hardest to pack everything but along the way, something always seems to get left out. Position your business to support travelers by providing items they may need while they’re away

Make them branded promotional products! Serve the needs of the many travelers visiting your area, while increasing your brand awareness and recognition. This is helpful across industries, including financial industries! Ask questions like:

  • What products would represent your business and your business goals well?
  • Do you have products right now that Velocity could brand for you? 
  • How can you reach travelers quickly with your promotional products?


Inventory & Distribution Check

Make sure your business is prepared for the anticipated high volume of customers. Identify the products that do well in the coming months and make a point to have those stocks well supplied to support the anticipated demand. Good news? Velocity is a one-stop-shop for distribution and fulfillment, helping you get the products your consumers need quickly. 


With the increase in travel after two years of being trapped inside, Velocity is here to help you capitalize on new consumers and opportunities. View our product catalog and choose from over 800,000 items. We’ll find the perfect item for you, your business, and travelers! 

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