2024 Promotional Product Trends: Must Have Marketing Materials

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Promotional products and marketing materials shift based on social and professional trends.  Work from home is still a significant focus for products and personalized, eco-friendly, and sustainable options.

What are the Top Promotional Product Trends for 2024?

The 2024 business environment promises to be competitive, and distinguishing your company by making a lasting impression does not have to be expensive or challenging.
Promotional product companies are kicking it up a notch, so let’s look at a few trends for 2024.

Personalized items

Consumers are looking for value and excellence. Personalized, high-quality items can act as brand ambassadors for your business and build customer loyalty. Personalization may require more time, but it solidifies your brand and distinctiveness in the market.

Eco-friendly promotional items

Sustainability remains at the forefront of consumer minds. Sustainable promotional items such as reusable water bottles, shopping bags, and bamboo products may speak to your customers about your environmental commitment. They will take a front-row seat in your messaging and strategy.

Recognizable retail products

Customers will value and use customized, branded promo items such as Yeti, Stanley, and Nike. Your customers already possess brand loyalty to these retailers. So, add your logo to an item, and you have brand ambassadors out and about!

Focus on virtual events

Employees, clients, and meetings are still heavily virtual. Items such as webcam covers, wireless phone chargers, and desktop items keep your brand in sight on their desktop.

Promotional Product Trends for Nonprofits

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Nonprofit organizations are challenged to balance expenses and build brand awareness. Promotional items that support fundraising are critical, and price points play a role in the decision-making process. However, promo item trends specific to nonprofits range from pens and tote bags and t-shirts to candy bars, working to increase exposure and build community support- all within a budget!

Nonprofits rely on volunteers and donors to support their efforts. Branded items, especially recognized retail items, have a higher usage rate and can convert to increased awareness in the community.

Promotional Product Trends for Credit Unions

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Credit Unions are member-based, and what better way to show appreciation to your members than promotional items that stay in the forefront of their minds? Credit unions work with businesses and consumers and offer promo items to meet the needs of each group. Trends specific to credit unions include refrigerator magnets, pens, shopping bags, and piggy banks!

Credit unions sponsor community events. Therefore, swag and give-a-way items vary depending on the event—printed products, including calendars, branded writing pads, and brochures, some favorites.

Wall graphics, signage, and pull-ups exhibit your credit union’s brand and messaging clearly and boldly, both inside and outdoors. In addition, trade show booths can pop and stand out using custom signage and displays.

How do you welcome visitors and guests to your branch for meetings or seminars? Wall graphics and signage are a confident and vibrant way to display your brand.

  • Trade Show & Event Planning
  • Lobby Wall Graphics and signage
  • Wayfinding Signage
  • Conference Room and Wall Décor

Promotional Product Trends for the Financial Industry

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The financial industry encompasses a broad range of clients, from banks to financial planners. Depending on the type of business and budget, financial services clients are more discerning and recognize the use of their brand on promo items.

Trends specific to the financial industry include portfolios, desk clocks and other desktop items, higher quality pens, mugs, and cutting-edge tech gadgets.

Wall graphics can capture your corporate identity through a unique and branded feel for your customers to experience. The financial marketplace is highly competitive, and displaying a commitment to your community and customers through wall graphics and signage increases engagement.

  • Display images of employees working in the community through charitable events such as fundraisers, walks, and corporate-sponsored events.
  • Opening a new bank branch or sponsoring an event at a local community center? Wall graphics and signage are perfect and can be easily installed and removed without damage to the facility.

Promotional Product Trends for Higher Education

Group of college students discuss higher education promotional products

Colleges and universities include recruitment swag and promotional items throughout the school year and at major events. Trends specific to higher education vary depending on the purpose and event.

  • Part of the admissions process might include a swag box and a brochure to engage the student and family.
  • Tours for incoming students allow the college or university to engage with the students and families and showcase school spirit supporting academics and athletics.
  • First-year orientation most certainly includes wearables, key chains, hats, and team swag.
  • Athletics is a key draw to students and often part of the admissions decision-making. Branded items from Nike, Under Armour, and Lululemon build school spirit and engage students and family members.
  • Turn innovative ideas into action by contacting alums and maintaining quality relationships. Personalized data printing, mailings, brochures, kits, and apparel perfectly complement annual fundraising, Alumni programs and events, and giving campaigns.

Eye-catching wall graphics perfectly complement activities and events for higher education. High-resolution murals provide almost indefinite purpose and are custom-created to fit the size and message needed.

Wall graphics are a fantastic way to welcome visitors to campus for athletic events, announce new classes, or thank donors by displaying their logo and brand.

Promotional product trends for 2024 are sure to spark creativity

Quality and carefully selected promotional products can impact your marketing and customer engagement goals. Happy customers will display your swag and act as brand ambassadors in the community.

Velocity Print Solutions stays current on all the latest marketing trends. With custom promotional products, online storefront solutions, and print and mail services, we can help you build your brand. Contact us today to get started!

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