Trends For 2022 : Promotional Products & Marketing Materials

New trends loading bar hinting to promotional product and marketing material trends for 2022.As we leave 2021 behind and enter 2022, we welcome new trends for promotional products and marketing materials. Although the start of a new year brings to mind the start of a new chapter, we still carry with us our experiences from the past year and those memories impact trends for this new beginning.

We must consider how our customers are experiencing this new year change to predict the promotional items they will gravitate towards in the coming months. 2021 held the promise of an end to the COVID 19 pandemic but never arrived at that promise. It instilled hope, but that hope waned as the months drew forward, and now consumers begin 2022 with hope renewed but with old doubts.

Things Will Not Return to Exactly How They Were

Our business life has changed drastically, and as there was a rise for online marketing storefronts we are seeing a return to trade shows. It is becoming more apparent that the virtual event world will start to blend with in person events. It will not be a case of one or the other, but each serving its own purpose. 

Higher education saw disruption with students not able to return to campus in the height of the pandemic, but even now as students live on campus, many of their courses are still online. For our children going to school, the days are less consistent with school swapping from at home to in the classroom in the blink of an eye. Families are still adjusting to this change as some parents return to office settings, facing new challenges. 

Emerging Trends For Promotional Products

With our society stepping forward in this new world, a few trends are starting to emerge. They build on where society has progressed to, but also the care our people are in need of, and the themes that hold value after all we have been through. 


The pandemic has taught us all the importance of self-care during times of stress, change, and isolation. Consumers have been seeking out more self-care related products and services in the past year, and that trend will continue in 2022.

In thinking of the non-profit organizations that are on the front line of outreach, promotional products that provide comfort and lower anxiety will serve well. Branded gifts like lotion, slippers, robes, candles, tea, hot chocolate, mugs, sleep eye-masks, and essential oils.

Virtual Experience

In 2022 we may see a lessening of in-person event restrictions, but the trend of attending an event virtually has soared in the past two years. Consumers like having the choice to attend virtually or in person, so long as attending virtually still feels like they are just as part of the event as any in-person attendee.

Offering virtual experience packages to at-home or remote attendees brings to life the idea that they are AT the event with products like hats, mugs, notecards, notepads, pens, headphones, t-shirts, and office doorknob hangers that let family or officemates know they’re currently attending an event from their desk. 

The financial industry which in the past has heavily relied on attending community events, and meeting at clients homes, may consider using virtual events to meet people in convenience in comfort, and follow up with a surprise promotional product ending up at attendees doorstep. This will leave you fresh in the clients mind and feel like an even bigger gift than a handout at a conference. 

Giving Back

We are all aware of the toll the pandemic has made on individuals, families, and businesses alike. This awareness has expanded consumers’ attention to those in all types of need, and they are looking for ways to support these groups.

Whether purchasing the product results in a donation of the same product or purchasing from the company provides some form of relief to struggling communities, consumers want their purchase to mean something more than getting the item itself.

Companies like that supply promotional items stocked from these give-back businesses attract consumers to what they offer and encourage consumers to take or purchase these promotional products to support these causes.

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