Print Advertising in a Digital Age

Print advertising has long been the topic of conversation among business owners and marketers. Some claim advertising is headed online, with consumers no longer open to or influenced by print advertising. 

With the  increasing use of digital marketing mediums, business owners and industry experts are uncertain over if print marketing is still worth the money. So- is it worth some of the precious marketing budget, especially after the pandemic? Let’s find out! 

Print is Trusted

Naturally, we have seen a decline in print advertising consumption with the creation of social media and more focus on digital marketing. However, this isn’t necessarily a reason to jump ship just yet. Keep in mind this fact of consumption: more marketing mediums, but the same amount of time to consume them.

When assessing any marketing medium’s effectiveness, we turn to the consumer. Before jumping ship to focusing on only digital mediums, ask consumers what they prioritize. In a recent survey conducted by MarketingSherpa, consumers were found to trust print advertising more than any other type of ad.

Trust is a crucial factor to secure buyer consideration. Ads drop severely in effectiveness if consumers don’t trust the information.

Why Do Consumers Trust Print Over Digital? 

Perhaps one of the reasons consumers trust print over digital is the over saturation and perception of “fake media”. With such a barrage of social media and ads popping up every day, many see ads as annoying and “fake”. Overselling is a common problem in digital marketing mediums. They are seen as pretending to be there to benefit consumers, while actually just there to sell to you. 

Print inspires a higher degree of trust, as it is being honest about intentions from the start. It is also trusted because they know it is legitimate, coming straight from the source. Items like flyers or direct mail are growing in popularity once again because of these factors!

Returning to Print: How to Increase Your Print Advertising

Returning to print should not be thought of as a return to its basic traditional form. Print is evolving to incorporate itself into a digital landscape. The average consumer can still find relief and trust in a direct mail flyer they receive at home. Still, that flyer also offers them the ability to find out more information or shop online with scannable QR codes and AR. Through these digital advancements, print advertising becomes an experience beyond the page. 

Companies finding even more success are combining the trust in print advertising with the technology of the digital age. Velocity offers online on-demand printing, with turnaround time of 24-48 hours. We even use lithographic offset printing options to enhance your print marketing materials. Grow the trust in your brand with print advertising, while taking advantage of the benefits of the digital age. 

Want to offer print advertising and marketing with top digital techniques? Contact Velocity today for your free consultation. 

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