Must Have Nonprofit Marketing Materials for 2024

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Nonprofit marketing materials are an essential part of fundraising efforts and community awareness. Branded materials visible throughout the community can promote your mission and goals and drive donors to engage with your nonprofit. In 2024, nonprofits will find unique marketing materials to highlight their messaging and identify their brand online and in their community.

What is Nonprofit Marketing?

Nonprofit marketing is a basket of activities and strategies used to spread an organization’s message, encourage donations, and recruit volunteers. Included in nonprofit marketing are:

  • Brochures, annual reports, community impact statements
  • Brand guidelines including colors, logo, and slogan
  • Organization awareness and impact campaigns – video, social, & print

The goal of nonprofit marketing is to promote the organization’s ideals and causes to get the attention of potential volunteers and donors.

Nonprofits often face financial challenges that can affect their marketing options. Smaller budgets require excellent sourcing skills coupled with multi-media marketing options that may be used for various events.

Why is Branding Important for Nonprofits?

Branding for nonprofits creates an identity within the community and increases visibility and awareness. The brand can lead to improved donations, encourage volunteerism, and build overall community support.

Trade shows can be a great way to reach prospective donors, volunteers, employees, and community partners. The right pop-up display, a branded tablecloth, and swag item giveaways can help you stand out and attract more visitors. When nonprofits attend community events and display a table or booth, their branded logo, colors, and tagline are clearly visible and often easily identifiable, drawing in donors, volunteers, and other interested parties. A seemingly simple give-a-way item such as pens, hand sanitizer, and lip balm remains with each visitor as a reminder.

Why Nonprofits Need Marketing Materials

Small businesses and large corporate sponsors are looking for ways to engage with local nonprofits and encourage their employees to participate in community events. Today’s business owners and management teams have engaged their human resources departments to work with nonprofits and create volunteer programs. Marketing materials display the nonprofit’s brand within the company and community. These documents reach a large audience, extending pass an internal network to inform the community about the organization’s mission. Effecting marketing materials attract volunteers, and help nonprofits meet their donation goals.

Here are the most common reasons nonprofits should use marketing materials:

  • Raise awareness
  • Increase donations
  • Recruit volunteers

What Types of Marketing Materials Do Nonprofits Need?

The possibilities for marketing materials that nonprofit organizations need are endless! Your mission is essential, and outreach is crucial to supporting initiatives, recruiting volunteers, raising donations, and informing the community. From direct mail flyers that provide fast-hitting facts to branded merchandise that offers brand awareness, there’s always an opportunity to make an impression and build your audience. Here are some suggestions for marketing success from the print and promo teams at Velocity:

Digital Printing

Print materials hold a unique charm and credibility in an era dominated by digital marketing. Digital print services allow nonprofits to create eye-catching brochures, flyers, and newsletters. By combining creative visuals with compelling content, these materials can engage potential supporters and donors online and offline. Variable printing allows customized and personalized mailing materials to highlight a product or event. Special occasion invitations, flyers, and unique business card designs can be creative and highlight your brand identity and design.

Trade Show and Event Booths and Tents

Participating in trade shows and events provides invaluable face-to-face interactions with potential supporters and partners. Nonprofits can use engaging booth designs, multimedia displays, and interactive activities to create a lasting impact. Customized booths and event tents attract donors, sponsors, and volunteers.

Promotional Items

In 2024, there is a widely adopted conscious and social effort to reduce waste in our society. The individual is being called to help the worldwide effort to improve and save our environment. Nonprofits sit center stage and make purchase decisions on whether a giveaway is ethically sourced or if the company is making environmental strides. Being selective and picking environmentally friendly promotional products for events, launches, and giveaways will result in greater buy-in from this massive audience base looking for socially conscious companies, particularly young consumers that fall into the Gen Z category.

Sustainable Promo Items

Building off of the category above, single-use promo items are a part of an extensive product category that seeks to reduce waste. Items in this category are reusable, eliminating the high volume of waste their cheaper mass-production counterparts contribute to.

Tote Bags

These not only eliminate the waste of plastic bags and are reusable but also serve a dual purpose for attendees of large events looking for a solution to carrying their collected products and other event items.

Water Bottles

These are still in style and improving with age. Bottles that offer hours of temperature control to keep water ice cold or coffee hot all day are now available.

Steel Straws

These are also sold as collapsible straws that are easy to carry with you and reduce your waste of plastic straws when serving beverages at restaurants and bars.

Bamboo Products

There are many bamboo-made or bamboo-incorporated promotional products. What makes these products so environmentally friendly is the rapid growth of bamboo compared to trees. Depending on the bamboo species, some can reach full maturity in just 90 days, whereas it takes trees years to reach the maturity levels needed to harvest their wood.

Recycled Products

Lastly, consider purchasing promotional products made of recycled materials. These show that your company has made an extra effort to choose items to stock that were not made wastefully.

Online Storefront for Inventory Management

An online storefront for inventory management is a game-changer for nonprofits. It offers a centralized platform to order merchandise, create marketing assets, and manage inventory efficiently. This tool simplifies logistics and prevents overspending with budget capping and permission-based accounts.

Velocity Print: A Trusted Nonprofit Marketing Partner

Velocity Print has worked with nonprofits for over 35 years, providing world-class printing, marketing, and promotional products. Velocity knows how to make the impossible possible by offering a complete range of print and marketing distribution and fulfillment services, including an 80k square foot promotional product fulfillment warehouse.

We are more than a service provider. We believe in understanding nonprofit organizations and look to build a long-term and collaborative relationship to deliver products and services that reflect your brand and mission. Speak with a nonprofit team member at 888.372.3487 or contact us today to get started.

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