How to prepare your employees for their return to travel

Covid-19 won’t restrict travel indefinitely. We have already experienced a lightening of travel restrictions from many countries, and businesses are preparing to adjust their travel protocols for the new normal. Business trips will look slightly different in the next few years, and employees should be supported and educated on these changes.

If you are a company that relies on business travel and international in-person meetings, there are adjustments to consider to ensure you set up your employees for travel success.

1. Well-being
When your employees are allowed to travel again according to the rules and regulations of the country they will be visiting, there will still be some risk to travel. Just because travel restrictions become less strict does not mean that there is no potential threat to traveling. Make it clear to your employees that you will support their overall well-being in the event that they become sick due to travel. Ensure that they know their company has their back and that they can seek out any and all medical care they require.

2. Do your Research
Prior to your employees packing their bags, do your research on the accommodation services they will be using or that are suggested. Share with your employees the safety and hygiene standards of these service providers to communicate that your company is devoted to their overall safety during their trip. This will go a long way in securing employee buy-in for the trip and establishing trust between your employees and the business they serve.

3. Real-time Guidance
Once your plans and protocols have been set and communicated with your traveling employees, you must remain up-to-date on any changes and share those in real-time with your employees. Because of Covid-19’s threat, changes are more likely to occur that your employees will need to be aware of as soon as possible. Make sure you have a way of sharing immediate information with employees while they are in transit and throughout their stay.

4. Patience
Travel plans are more likely to alter or delay in these times and should be anticipated. Set expectations with your employees that there is a higher likelihood of delayed travel and that you are grateful for their patience. Employees will be better equipped to manage delayed or grounded flights that affect meeting schedules if they are prepared in advance with the appropriate expectations.

5. Updated Business Insurance
Check that your current business travel insurance protects you and your employees from the developing health and safety risks Covid-19 poses. If it doesn’t, request customized additions or changes from your provider.

Following these five steps will ensure you and your employees are fully prepared to travel once again. For more insight on how your business can prepare to take advantage of the rise in tourists and offer consumer-focused initiatives to drive business, check out our previous blog post, Ready set…Travel!



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