Guide Your Print Marketing Material Campaigns with Social Media & SEO

Social media and SEO are both marketing concepts that we have written a lot about on our blog because they offer opportunities for growth and financial gain to any business. However, we have yet to discuss how they work together. Although social media and SEO do not always directly influence one another, they indirectly work together to bolster the other. Here are four ways social media and SEO uplift the other, which in turn benefits the business implementing them.

Search Optimization

SEO offers a business’s website an improved chance of ranking on search engines such as Google. However, consumers are turning to social media for answers as well. Ensuring that your website houses quality SEO content that is shareable and optimized for social media provides your business the opportunity to rank higher on search results across social media platforms. Posts that link to your website content and contain high-ranking keywords offer your business the best chance to serve the needs of its ideal customers no matter where they are searching for answers.

External Link Building

Sharing your content across social media allows you to get your high-quality content in front of more people. The larger your audience, the greater chance there is that other businesses or consumers within that audience will link back to your content. Search engines quantify rank by evaluating the number of different audiences that link back to your website. Using social media to get your content out to more people increases your chance of getting it linked or reshared by other entities.

Greater Reach

As mentioned above, sharing your content on social media broadens your audience more than if you were to publish your content on your website alone. Search engines also use engagement as a benchmark for evaluating rank. Posting your content to social media encourages consumers outside of the ones already visiting your website to check out your content and engage with it. Search engines will see this engagement and influx of visitors from social media as reasons to rank your website higher in search results.

Brand Recognition

We have been talking extensively about the larger reach and audience size social media grants your business and how that positively impacts your SEO. Here is just one more way expanding your audience by posting on social media improves your SEO. When you share your content on social media and reach larger audiences with high-quality SEO content, you expand your brand recognition. Now more consumers will learn that your business offers compelling, educational content, which in turn will coach them to seek out your business for answers again in the future. This improves your engagement scores, in turn bolstering your SEO ranking.


Online reviews provide the social proof search engines are looking for to rank your business higher in search results. Your business can use social media to encourage past customers to write reviews about their experience with your product or service. These reviews provide credibility to your business and prove to search engines that it should be ranked higher.

Keyword Intent

A powerful SEO strategy utilizes keywords according to their intended use by consumers. For instance, if a consumer searches for banana bread, are they intending to find out where they can buy a loaf or are they looking for a recipe for making it at home? This is where social media comes in handy. It allows businesses insight into the keywords their ideal audience members are using and, more importantly, HOW they are using them.

As we’ve discussed, social media and SEO have an indirect relationship that serves to better the other. When considering your SEO or your social media strategy, keep in mind the effects each will have on the other and how your business can optimize these two strategies to benefit your entire business.


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