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Blue thermal promotional mug with forest lake logo imprinted.

We’ve talked a lot about custom promotional products on this blog and specifically focused on ensuring your company chooses the right promotional items and deploys the most effective promotional product client acquisition, corporate gifting, or client retention strategy.

If you find that promotional mugs are the best product for the strategy your business is planning to implement, there are a few decisions to make regarding mug type, purpose and trending style.

Consider Your Target Audience

As with any business decision, it’s important to consider your target audience. Who are you planning to provide these custom mugs to and in what ways will they find themselves using them? If you are planning on gifting company mugs to your employees, a ceramic coffee mug would best serve them at the office or remotely while they complete their tasks at their desks. If your workforce is active, on the go or works with their hands, you’ll want to select a more sturdy mug like a thermos that won’t easily spill and can take more damage.

Considerations such as these must be made to ensure the promotional mug you select is one that will be well received by its intended audience and will in fact be used so your company gains the promotional benefits of it like increased reach, awareness, retention and brand recognition.

What is Currently Trending?

It’s also important to consider what mugs are currently trending. Campfire mugs are showing up in social media posts of influencers, dreamers and adventurers. Their durable and retro style has made a comeback as a new modern aesthetic. But just because these mugs are trending, doesn’t mean your company should get them.

The Promotional Mug Should Always Reflect Your Brand

If your company fits the adventurer aesthetic then a campfire mug is a perfect choice, but if the mug style doesn’t align with your business then it’s not the right fit, regardless of its popularity.

Another trending mug that double dips in the adventure realm but also in the corporate office genre, is the long-hour temperate tumbler. These mugs are double-wall insulated to keep drinks cold or hot for hours and have become a fan favorite of anyone who wants their drink to last. They are a sought-after mug choice among consumers and companies seeking a promotional product.

Velocity Offers On-Demand Printed Mugs

As a custom promotional product powerhouse, we offer a variety of mug options to suit your audience and promotional needs. You can review our selection and our in-house creative service department can help customize the mug you select to match your branding and messaging.

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