Get Virtual Swag Ideas For You Next Event: Promotional Product Tips

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If you’re in the financial industry and looking to make a strong impression on attendees at the upcoming virtual event you’re hosting or sponsoring, financial promotional products must be a part of your strategy. Branded merchandise and promotional items demonstrate your institution’s dedication to serving, supporting and helping these clients attain their financial goals.

It’s Virtual, How Can Promotional Products Help?

Just because these events are virtual doesn’t mean you can’t make a big impact! Let’s discuss ways you can use swag to set the tone for the virtual event ahead of time and leave a lasting impression at the end.

Promotional products help prime your attendees for what’s to come. Whether it’s a one-on-one meeting with a client or a webinar to 50+ people or a conference with hundreds of attendees, setting expectations before the event ensures your client is primed and bought into the experience in advance.

Sending hard copies by mail or emailing digital versions of the materials you will be presenting to attendees in advance helps them prepare for your meet-up, resulting in a more engaging and focused conversation on the topics you intend to cover. These materials are easy to share with other members of your client’s team and provide something tangible to refer to post-meeting.

Encourage attendees to stay focused and show up however they are most comfortable presenting themselves during your meeting.

Financial Promotional Product Ideas

Choosing what to get can be hard, to help, here are a few of our most popular promo products for virtual events.

Door hangers

These helpful branded pieces can be sent to clients to let others in the office know they’re attending your event and not to disturb them. They also spark curiosity from others in the office and often lead to further conversations among office members about the webinar or meeting.

Custom door hanger.

Webcam covers

Webcam covers with custom branding.

A practical branded product! These slides which go over a laptop’s camera, last well after your meeting has ended and serve as a reminder every time your client uses their computer. These also lessen attendees’ worries or anxiety about being on camera. You’re ensuring they are comfortable right out of the gate, which makes them more willing to attend and participate on their terms.

Power Banks

Branded power banks.

It’s a fun, play-on-words product that keeps your audience in attendance by powering the devices they need to stay connected.

Ring Light

Ring light with company logo.

Help them look their best for your event by sending a ring light that they can attach to their phone or slide onto their laptop.

The Virtual Event’s, Now What?

Following your meet-up, you can opt to additionally send a few promotional items that make your attendees feel good about joining you and remind them to stay in touch. A thank you note or card goes a long way to add a personal touch. Sending this along with pens, a notebook or pad, and a gift card to a local cafe to grab a coffee is a perfect bundle to send post-meeting. The key to this strategy is your delivery timeline. Having the items delivered a few days to a week after the event is ideal, giving your client time to think over the details without risking them losing interest and moving on to other matters.

Get Help Finding Promotional Products

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