Enabling Marketing Agility And Operational Excellence

What are marketing agility and operational excellence? Operational excellence is defined in many different ways but essentially it means having an effective strategic plan, informed and engaged employees who understand and support the strategy, and the tools and processes in place to effectively carry the strategy out, making your company a leader in its field. Marketing agility refers to the ability to maintain operational excellence in light of changing markets, customer needs, and technology advances.

In fostering operational excellence, it’s important that every employee in the company, from the CEO to the product developer to the admin staff understands the big picture and how the various roles and functions within the company fit together to support the ultimate goal: serving the customer by providing excellence products and services.

Make sure everyone understands the company’s mission and strategic priorities and what needs to take place to make them a reality; transparency throughout the organization is critical. Identify what operational excellence means to your company and communicate that to all staff. Help them realize their role in creating operational excellence. Give them the tools and resources they need to successfully carry out their duties. Invest in appropriate technologies to automate processes where feasible. This allows staff to focus time and resources toward the needs of your clients rather than routine tasks such as data collection or distribution.

Like the term operational excellence, marketing agility can mean many things to many people. In its simplest form, it represents a company’s ability to adjust to changing environments to meet customer demand while maintaining or increasing revenue. Staying agile and flexible in today’s fast-paced world is a must for survival. Customers have many options, so your company needs to offer the best solutions for their problems, but also stay one step ahead, anticipating their problems before they do.

Keeping your customer top of mind is the key to staying agile. What challenges are they facing? What changes are impacting them? What are your competitors providing? By offering quality products and service, you build a solid reputation as a trusted provider, and that reputation will give you an important edge against your competitors.

Leveraging the environment you (hopefully) have in place for operational excellence will allow you to be more agile and respond quickly to changing environments and demands. Because you are operating in a culture of transparency and accountability with your employees, they will be able to pivot as needed to adjust processes and procedures to offer high quality at the best value.