Benefits of Giving Employee Gifts & Company Swag

As the end of the year fast approaches, one of the items on your list of to-dos should be to consider what it is you will be giving out as gifts this season.

Employee gifts are a way to say recognize your employees for all of the hard work they’ve done over the course of the year and show them that the company is grateful for their contributions to its overall success.

The holidays are a time that arrives hand in hand with the expectation of humility and gratitude. Companies that meet this unseen expectation reap the benefits in many ways. Every employee on staff does their part to keep the entire system going for the business. When a business recognizes that with employee gifts overall job satisfaction increases amongst team members, leading to higher employee output and longer employee retention.

Whether your employees will admit it to you or not, they all have a need to be recognized. That need may be larger for some than others, but regardless employee recognition is directly linked with productivity. Employees who feel their efforts are recognized will in turn, up their performance in hopes of gaining that recognition again and again.

One of the product categories that we have seen again and again chosen by our clients to personalize and gift around this time of year is drinkware.

Drinkware falls in that sweet spot of something that can be used in the office and at home. Its versatility is what makes it an ideal employee gift. The best employee gifts are ones that can be used however the employee prefers. As many employee bases are working remotely, drinkware offers companies a chance to bring a piece of the company to employees’ at home work spaces.

By drinkware we don’t just mean coffee mugs. We offer those as well as other drinkware like tumblers, water bottles, flasks, stemless wine glasses, coasters, straws and many more items.

When you give drinkware, it also gives you the perfect container to include other gifts. Many of our clients will brand drinkware and then stuff them with gift cards, sweets, snacks, chapsticks, office supplies…we’ve even seen branded socks!Women on beach hold water bottle

Your employee gift becomes more than the drinkware itself and employees feel as though they’re really valued by the company they work for.

This season make sure you’re recognizing your employees for their contributions to your business. Get them drinkware that they can use at home, in the office or on the go, and don’t forget to add a little something extra in there to show them how much you appreciate them!

To browse the drinkware we offer, you can click here to view our catalogue. If you have any questions about personalization, branding or the drinkware we offer please chat us using the chat feature on your screen or call or email us at 888.372.3487 |