5 Best Eco-Friendly Promotional Products For Sustainable Marketing

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Regardless of the audience at your next event, there is a widely adopted conscious and social effort to reduce waste in our society. The individual is being called to help the worldwide effort to improve and save our environment.

Customers are making final purchase decisions on whether the product is ethically sourced or if the company is making environmental strides. Sometimes even choosing the slightly inferior product or service because the company or what it offers has strong ties with sustainability efforts. 

Being selective and picking environmentally friendly promotional products for events, launches and giveaways will result in greater buy-in from this massive audience base looking for socially conscious companies, particularly young consumers that fall into the Gen Z category. 

Single-use items are a part of an extensive product category that seeks to reduce waste. Items in this category are reusable, eliminating the high volume of waste their cheaper mass production counterparts contribute to. 

Sustainable Promotional Products to Consider Are:

Tote Bags

These not only eliminate the waste of plastic bags and are reusable but also serve a dual purpose for attendees of large events looking for a solution to carrying their collected products and other event items. 

Water Bottles

These are still in style and are getting better with age. Bottles are now available that offer hours of temperature control to keep water ice-cold or coffee hot all day. 

Steel Straws

These also are sold as collapsible straws that are easy to carry with you and reduce your waste of plastic straws when served beverages at restaurants and bars. 

Bamboo Products

There are many bamboo-made or bamboo-incorporated promotional products. What makes these products so environmentally friendly is the rapid growth of bamboo compared to trees. Depending on the bamboo species, some can reach full maturity in just 90 days, whereas it takes trees years to reach the maturity levels needed to harvest their wood. 

Recycled Products

Lastly, consider purchasing promotional products that are made of recycled materials. These show that your company has taken the extra effort to choose items to stock that were not made wastefully.

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