Driving Growth In Uncertain Times

These definitely are uncertain times, but it is in the face of uncertainty that continuity and creativity cultivate growth. It goes without saying that no matter the status of the economy, growth isn’t a goal businesses are willing to give up on pursuing.

That mindset will drive your business forward during uncertainty but the question that weighs heavy on the minds of many business owners is HOW?

Uncertainty regarding what the future holds leaves us only with best guesses for what we will soon be facing and how things will turn out. These are difficult projections to hang our hats on. The chance for variability in the outcomes we predict are high, but there are always constants we can fall back on that provide more stable ground for our businesses.

The first is community. Your business is driven forward by the clients or customers that support it. Their support comes in many ways. Loyalty, referrals, purchases, social shares, endorsements and feedback. When times are uncertain, one certainty your business can count on are past customers.Coffee Mug

These are clients that already know, like and trust you. They shouldn’t need much convincing to buy again. The only persuasion your business will need to deliver on is timing of the purchase; answering the client’s question: Why buy now?

This is done by maintaining a presence in your customer’s life. How often are they reminded of your business, see your logo, hear about your services and so on? What marketing collateral strategy do you have in place to deliver the right cadence of reminders to your customers?

Are you mailing them? Do they have branded wearables from you that they can use or wear during their everyday lives? Do you have promotional products in store that deliver information regarding your business promise and services?

All of the answers to these questions should be yes or frequently.

The second constant is brand identity. A business with a strong, relatable brand can always rely on its brand identity to uphold business continuity and fuel growth.

Customers want to buy from brands they feel represent them as they are now or as they would like to be. Which are you? Do you reaffirm the current convictions, beliefs or self-images of your customers as they currently are or do you promise a lifestyle they dream of?

Both answers are correct, yet, knowing how you serve your customers base is vital to attracting more followers, ambassadors and buyers.

Your brand is the window through which customers learn of and come to understand your business. You control what they see and how they perceive it by creating a cohesive brand strategy that from every angle demonstrates to customers the value your business brings them.

What do you currently use to drive home your brand identity? What other branded collateral could you be using to increase your brand reach and reaffirm your brand authority? These are perfect questions to start thinking about. Velocity can help you answer these questions and deliver on making them happen.

Do not fall victim to the fear uncertainty brings. Instead, focus on the two constants your business can always rely on to continue your success and drive growth.

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