Enrollment Marketing Guide: College Swag to Welcome The Class of 2028

There’s nothing like a great first impression! As we near the end of the spring 2024 semester and begin preparations for the fall and its incoming class of 2028, is your enrollment marketing team planning your first impression?

Custom lanyards show off brand logos and mascots.

The best welcome new students can receive is information on successfully navigating their new environment to ease their excited nerves and gifts to make them feel accepted and important.
Branded materials that provide them with information on offices, support services, campus maps, and how to use online tools are excellent distribution materials to share with incoming first-year students.
Beyond printed resources, students should be showered in college swag from their new school to lock in their loyalty and pride and offer them a way to assimilate into their new community by repping your school’s colors, mascot, and name!

Here is our college promotional products buying guide for the class of 2026:


As a new student, you receive ID cards, keys and tags that grant you access to buildings on campus. Most students opt to carry these on a lanyard. Giving incoming freshmen a branded lanyard solves the issues of keeping track of these essentials but also helps them immediately assimilate to the campus culture of carrying a lanyard with them at all times.


Students recently turned into full-fledged adults now have to manage their schedules, including getting to class on time and ready to learn. A welcomed morning ritual is getting or making a coffee before class. Freshmen don’t often have everyday kitchen items, so a mug to carry hot or cold drinks around campus is a must!

Blue Light Glasses:

The hours students will be spending on computers doing coursework or attending classes create a real need for blue light glasses to protect their eyesight and avoid headaches or eye strain. Your students will thank you!!

Pop sockets and Cardholders:

What’s something students carry with them everywhere and is typically ALWAYS in sight on a table or in hand? Their cellphone. Pop sockets and cardholders make students’ phones more accessible and practical while turning them into branded signage.

Phone case:

In line with what we just mentioned about pop sockets and cardholders, branded phone cases take the concept further.

Masks and Sanitizer:

Keep your community healthy and thriving.

Care kits:

At some point, a student will miss a deadline, not know where a class is, receive a grade they didn’t expect or stress out over a friendship, relationship or final. Care kits remind your students to take breaks and take care of themselves. Spa items, stress balls, and sleep masks are perfect items to remind the student to take a breath and focus on self-care.

Car decals:

Nothing screams pride like plastering your car with your college logo! Get your college brand seen by more people with stickers and magnets students can decal their cars with.

College swag goes beyond welcoming students; it instills pride immediately and provides them with the recourse they need to feel entirely accepted and excited about their new journey!

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