3 Mistakes You Are Probably Making on Social Media

Social media is an exceptionally powerful tool for all forms and types of business. It is a digital hub that consumers visit multiple times per day to browse, shop and unwind, making it the perfect place to connect with and sell to ideal customers in your niche. 


Brands that incorporate social media as part of their marketing and sales strategy are on target for benefits like increased brand awareness, increased discoverability, and opportunities for community building and brand loyalty. However, just because your brand is on social media doesn’t mean you are using it effectively. 



Below are the top three mistakes brands frequently make when they incorporate social media into their marketing mix. 


  1. Inconsistent Posting

There is no tried and true posting frequency that works across the board for all businesses on social media. Posting 3 times per week might be optimal for one company, and another finds that posting 14 times per week is their sweet spot. For any business looking to leverage social media, it’s essential to gauge what posting frequency resonates best with your ideal audience. Try out a few posting schedules and see which garners you the best engagement. Once you have that schedule, then you must stick to it. 


A common mistake businesses make is being too inconsistent with their posts. Social media users need to be coached to know when to expect content from you; this allows them to seek out your content regularly when posted according to these expectations. Brands that inconsistently post miss out on the opportunity of training their followers to engage with their brand on social media. Because social media is so heavily founded upon community building, it’s essential to set an expectation with your following of when you are going to engage with them. It’s challenging to maintain a relationship with someone who is flaky or unpredictable. Offer your followers consistency they can count on.


  1. Constantly selling or overselling

Just because social media offers your business a direct connection with ideal customers doesn’t mean that you should be selling to those customers with every post. Considering the title given to these platforms, “social” media, your business should prioritize being social with its following over selli


ng to them. Having a presence on Facebook or Instagram offers your consumers a way to interact with your brand on a personal level and get to know what your business stands for, how it serves its customer base and what outside interests it has. 


Social media offers consumers a way to truly connect with the brands they are purchasing from, but they cannot do that if your business focuses on selling to them with every post. Again, finding a well-received posting mix here is crucial. Directly selling every 10-15 posts is a good trial schedule we recommend using at the start. Fine-tuning based on your audience’s engagement is what you will need to focus on over time to land on a schedule that works best. Indirect selling certainly should be layered into your 10-15 posts so you are still offering avenues for consumers to shop, speak with a representative or access even more valuable content your company provides. But you should not be asking people to purchase with every post you publish. 

  1. Not limiting your platforms

This final mistake is made by businesses that do not truly know their ideal customer. Your perfect customers are not likely to visit all social media platforms equally. They will have specific platforms they gravitate to and check on more often than others. Those are the platforms you want your business to maintain a strong presence on. Dive into your demographics and use those to determine which platforms offer you the greatest chance of reaching and connecting with the audiences you know will buy from you. This strategy increases the effectiveness of your social media efforts on these select platforms and saves your business time and resources as it won’t have to maintain accounts across all social platforms. 


Have you been making one or all of these common mistakes? Readjust your social media strategy appropriately and get back on target to optimizing and maximizing your efforts. 


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