Outsourced Fulfillment Services Guide: What to Look For In A Vendor

Warehouse holding custom promotional products.

Warehousing and Inventory Storage

One of the immediatebenefits of outsourcing your fulfillment is no longer needing to store and regulate inventory levels of your products. You likely won’t find many discrepancies among vendors in their storage capacities. What’s better to assess is the quality of their storage center. The space should not only be clean and organized to maintain the quality of the products stored and to ensure orders are processed and shipped efficiently but also secure to prevent theft.

Shipping Rates

Outsourcing your fulfillment provides your customer base or internal departments a variety of shipping options to select from that ensure they will get their materials within the timeline they need them. When choosing a vendor, you will want to assess the partnerships they maintain and if those partnerships supply you with discounted shipping rates.

Technology & Order Processing

As you will be relying on a company to process your orders, it’s important to assess the order process. A good fulfillment provider will maintain a digital storefront that allows BOTH customers and employees to order materials all in one platform. A great fulfillment provider will provide custom storefrontsthat not only make ordering products easy but also track operations, inventory, trends and offer you greater control with individual user settings and permissions.


If you find a partner that can support your needs in each of the three areas we’ve mentioned thus far, the final factor to consider is scalability. A common reason you could be seekinga partner is that you’ve outgrown your current operations and need to scale up. The vendor you choose should not only be able to support you at your current volume, but scale with you as your business continues to grow. Choosing the big vendor doesn’t automatically mean they can scale with you. Speak with the vendor(s) you’re considering now about how they can support an increase in production and deliverables should your business need.

Consider Velocity Print

Velocity Printcan support your corporation in every area mentioned above if you’re ready to outsource. Velocity’s experienced fulfillment staff pick, pack and ship hundreds of packages at low costwithin 48 hours or the same day. All inventory is stored, and orders are fulfilled from our 80,000 square foot warehouse in Scotia, NY. No fulfillment project is too small or too large; our flexible labor pool can step up for any demand. Ordering is simple with theonline custom storefrontwe create for your organization that gives you direct online access to inventory information, reporting, electronic shipping confirmations, the ability to set reorder points and track usage.

We’re always available to talk using the chat feature on your screen or by phone or email at 888.372.3487 | infoNY@velocityprint.com.Let’s connectto discuss how Velocity Print can support your fulfillment needs.

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